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What's a good lightweight vacuum cleaner for hard floor only (not carpet)?

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    I use the Dirt Devil Power Stick. I think it works great for my hardwood floors

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    There is something I just saw on TV called a Swivel Sweeper. It has a rechargeable battery. Looks kind of like a Swiffer but has rotating brushes on all four sides so it can pick up no matter which direction it is going. Also the head can go 360 degrees around. While at the store they run about $40 I saw if you order online you get two for the same price. I believe the web site is Find a friend who needs one and split the cost.

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    I don't remember the make, but I used to have what was basically a dustbuster-type vacuum on a long handle. It didn't have any brushes or hoses. It was very light and had a nice long cord. They have similar things at most home and appliance stores. It was simple and lasted for years. Worked horrible on carpet, but rocked on wood and tile.

    It lasted years, but we finally threw it away when we lost the little filter bag. We bought a more expensive canister vac to replace it, but we still miss that cheap 'dustbuster on a stick'.

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    I always liked the Sears Kenmore best for anything.It cleans as

    well as the expensive name brands and is a lot cheaper.

    Never expect a vacuum from a discount store to clean well.

    They won't. My Kenmore is a canister.I hate uprights.You can't

    Vacuum every where with them and they are heavy and

    awkward.I have wanted to check out the Oreck.

    Source(s): Professiopnal House Cleaner for 30 yrs.
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    instead of purchasing a vacuum cleaner go to your local wal-mart and purchase a swiffer sweeper. they are light and work well on wood floors. if you just want a vacuum cleaner pickup a light weight one at wal-mart

    Source(s): 29 years installing and refinishing wood floors
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    I use my Craftsman 3.0 shop vac. It is the greatest. Very light weight and the filter is washable. And it is very powerful. I worked for a cleaning company for several years and this little workhorse beats anything they had.

    I need to buy another one myself because hubby wants his back.:(

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    Id say just use one of those swiffer mops

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