thanks for answers?

Well thank you to all who responded in kind, as for the jerk that told me i was just a controlling b i t c h , well i'm sorry you've been hurt so bad.

Keep the stories commin i love to read them!

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    well happ and married do not belong in the same sentance. yes i was hurt not emotionally but financially by a woman, then i met what i thought was a caring and sexual woman and she turned to be caring, not. she says she loves me but then told me that the great sex in the beginning of the relationship was a lie, that she could careless about sex and then only way she can get into sex with me or any other many she has been with is to use alcohol. i tried to show her that a man can be sensitive, i supported her and her daughter fo 6 months and what did i get nothing. so tell me why i should ever believe that women tell the truth and that happiness in marriage or a committed relationship even exists

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    even though i didn't answer your question you welcome i needed the points

  • 1 decade ago

    I didn't answer your question, but I will answer this. Thanks!

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