section-8 landlord R U 1 i am need advice?

I am wanting to rent to section 8 tennant, never tried it.

In Michigan

please advise me to avoid problems

how was your experience

any feedback would be appreciated

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    There are risk in anything you do in this world. You have to insure that you get the best out of each thing you attempt. Landlording is a business and you have to treat it as a business. Build it and they will come is not exactly being a good landlord. You need to screen your potential tenants, it does not matter if they are section 8 or not.

    I have had section 8 tenants before. I also have had difficulty with them as well as other tenants until I found out a litttle known secret of doing business with all people not just section 8 individuals.

    You see those that are not on section 8 can be just as bad or carefree about your property as those that are on section 8.

    The good thing about section 8 is that you are gonna get a check from the government each and every month for as long as your section 8 tenant reside there.

    Your unit that you are planning to rent as a section 8 unit has to pass the government inspection. That is a common sense type thing. Clean the unit and fix all things that need fixing, but you would do that for any tenant any way. If you don't pass the first time they will give you a list of things that need to be done and return when you have comleted them.

    Now when you have a tenant that is applying to you for a rental. take the application, get the credit report. Now most landlords would stop there and call the one with the best credit report. Not a good idea.

    I also, if they have children, ask if their children are involved in any afer school events. This tells me if the kids will be hanging out at the rental all day or will be gone at times. Normally if the children are involved in other activities there is less trouble with them.

    I also get permission to call and talk to their current landlord, though they might tell you anything, they might be trying to get rid of them. Since they have their place of employment I sometimes call them to insure that this is a real job. I try and ask probing questions in the event they have manufactured this as a job.

    Once I have selected at least three people to fill my vacancy I now go to their present residence un announced with their application and credit check. When I knock on the door and someone answer I ask if the person that is applying for my rental live here. If they say yes I ask for them. If they say no ask where they live because now they have lied.(Not likely to become a tenant)

    You have to have a reason for being there so invent one. I normally say there is something on the application that is not filled out or I did not understand.

    At that point I ask if I can use the bathroom. This will allow me a chance to get into the house and see what condition they keep it in.

    I over look the normal wear and tear because that will happen to any place. I don't expect the place to be immaculate, but well kept and clean. I also understand kids if they have any. Again small marks on the wall can be expected, but large spray can marks will never do.

    I do this to all three of my applicants, then it is home to make my final decision. Once it has been made I call them for the 1st and last and if there will be any kind of deposit.

    This is not the most perfect system but it is better than the one I was using before, which was just taking the application, running the credit check and selecting the one with the cleanest credit, but not the neatest or kindest people around.

    Treat this like the business it is, use your gut feelings about certain individuals and you will be ok.

    Because some people are miss fortunate does not mean they are all exactly alike, and will not take care of your property you have to be selective about the ones you do business with.

    I hope this has been of some use to you, good luck.

    "FIGHT ON"

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    Same as any other rental... The most important thing is to properly screen your tenants!

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