how does the energy of a H 1s orbital compare with that of a Li 1s orbital? why?

what is meant by the term energy of the orbital? what is its sign? why? what is meant by the term lower in energy?

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    Energy levels are calculated by E(n) = -(kZe^2/hbar)^2 * m/2n^2. Where k is Coulomb's constant e is the elementary charge on an electron hbar is the reduced planck's constant, m is the electrons reduced mass(depends on what the nucleus is) Z is the atomic number, and n is an integer 1,2,....... The sign is negative due to the electron being bound to the nucleus, it doesn't have enough energy to escape. The ground state is n=1 and higher energy states are 2,3,....etc. For hydrogen the energy of the ground state is -13.5 electron volts.

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