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I live in the basement and my clothes always smell like basement, and i smell like basement. any suggestions?

I shower every day before i go to work, but my clothes still make me smell like basement. what should i do?!?!

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    Pay for someone to come in and clean the basement of mold and mildew, that's what the smell is. Maybe even have it water proofed after having the mold and mildew removed.

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    Get a dehumidifier to take the moisture out of the air. The moisture is causing the majority of the "basement" smell. Also use candles, but buy the electric candle warmers to avoid fire when not home. Plus the smell radiates better than burning a candle. Also put drier sheets (1) in your closet. Above all the dehumidifier should help the most.

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    You need to increase ventilation to your apartment. I used to live in a basement apartment and I always had my windows cracked, even in winter (they were too small to worry about security concerns). If you cannot do that, consider getting a dehumidifier and/or leave your furnace fan on all of the time. There is also a gel-like substance that comes in tubs that helps absorb extra moisture.

    Also, use a fresh bath towel every day, towels pick up musty smells quickly, and I find that if your towel has any smell it will transfer to you.

    It will take awhile for the venting to get rid of the smell, while you wait, use deodorizers (like Fabreeze) in your carpets, closets, and drawers. But, unless you improve you venting and general air flow, all of the chemicals in the world won't help.

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    1. SCD Odor Away - dilute and spray it everywhere. it will smell a little weird at first, but that will go away. do that and leave it for a couple of hours.

    2. buy a really good-smelling yankee candle or insence. - burn it every day for 2 hours. every time you're home have a candle burning. (vanilla is usually a consistant smell no matter where you get the candle. it will permeate for sure, and you can change brands)

    3. beware of incense, as it is very strong and cheap sometimes. it can make you sick and certain people can have allergies to them. i would try the candle first.

    4. KEY: you will have to spray the Odor Away about twice a week probably when you first start. It is a natural odor eater. It uses natural microbes. thats why it will smell a little like molassas.

    5. it gonna take a little time. if you just c over it up, you'll smell like you're covering it up. you have to actually change the processes causing the odor, if you are going to rid the smell completely.

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    The "basement" smell is due to the fact that is not clean and it is probably damp. Hire someone to professionally clean it or clean it yourself and put a dehumidifier in it. Most of them come with a way to include an air freshner.

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    I would put several boxes of baking soda in your closet or wherever your clothes are to absorb the smell. The problem is probably the moistness of the atmosphere. Maybe invest in a dehumidifier too.

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    Move upstairs...

    Seriously...what's causing the smell? Moisture can be removed with a dehumidifier or the drying pellet tubs (unless it is pouring in!)

    Lysol or other air fresheners work (after moisture problem is removed.)

    Keep the clothes upstairs somewhere?


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    The smell is probably coming from the moisture in the air causing a fungus. try a dehumidifier and some good disinfectant spray.

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    Keep baking soda alongside your clothes.

    There are also "salt moisture bags" that you can get at like Home Depot or the like, that you hang above a bucket...that'll suck up extra moisture. (Just empty the bucket frequently, or you'll defeat the purpose.)

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    Move out of the basement! Fabreeze? Cologne?

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