can a yeast infection cause itching?

can it be itchy all over the body?

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    Yeast infections are itchy, but no not normally all over the body..allergies, dry skin, and certain skin conditions can cause all over itching, try taking a benadryl and see if it lessens the symptoms.

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    One of the major signals that you have a yeast infection is the extreme itching in the genital area. It also gets red and swollen. Sometimes it becomes painful and is very sensitive. At times you will have such sensitivity that it hurts to urinate. Often women will have a white discharge to go with this. You need to get rid of it just for your comfort. There over the counter creams and capsules that you can insert and after a week or so it is better. You will need to wear a pad during this time. However, your best bet is to go to the doctor and ask him/her to order some Diflucon for you. It is a pill you take orally. It takes care of the whole infection within 48 hours. Sometimes the doctor will tell you to repeat the dose if the infection is bad enough. Once you get this documented you can just call the doctor and usually they will call in the Rx for you without another visit. It is not unusual for them to reoccur. This sounds stupid but ironing your underware in the crotch helps avoid these things. Always wear cotton under pants or under pants where the crotch is lined with cotton. Nylon makes you sweat and that warm moist environment sets up the place for this to start. Also if you find you get these infections after you have been on an antibiotic that is common. The antibiotics kill the good bugs you have as well as the bad. So it is possible to be more vulnerable at that time. If that is true with you, when the doctor orders an antibiotic ask to have your Diflucon filled and take it with the antibiotic. You can avoid an infection that way. Hope this is helpful. Good luck.

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    Yes, itching, burning, discharge and an odor are common signs and symptoms. Best treatment is try some over the counter meds, like Monistat or Vagisel. If after a few days you don't get relief, go see your doctor for follow up.

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    thats the worst thing about yeast infections! the itching drives you mad

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    Not only itching but burning.To kill it Boil all your underwares and iron them hot,use only cotton underpants.

    Wear loose clothing.

    Don't wear jeens.

    Don't starch your underpants nor use powder under.

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    That is one of the symptoms, however the itching is usually only in the pubic area and not all over the body.

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    oh yes and the worst kind.

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    yes extremely!!!!!

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