How do u train ureself to be ambidextrous?

im right-handed and i want to learn how to write with the left, because i think it might come useful 1 day

know what ure talking about b4 u post plz, thnks

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    Practice is what you'll need to do. Be sure to write the whole alphabet before trying to write words. Also, do things like sports with your left hand. Another thought, most right-handed people walk with their right foot first. Be conscious of that, and try leading with your left foot.

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    While I am not a doctor, I have practical experience in this. I am a pianist and a school teacher, and I too think it best to be able to accomplish mundane tasks with either hand (or foot).

    PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE is the solution. Try block lettering first, just as you did when you initially begin to write. The more you practice, the better you get. and yes, you can forget how if you don't maintain it. I'm rusty now but will start back because of your reminder. When I sign my name with my left, it looks just like when I first learned cursive writing over forty years ago. That's about how my time I put into it so I can't do the fluid scrawl that is now my right-handed signature.

    Interestingly, I'm a slow typist with both hands, lack of pracitce.

    By the way,,, Driving should only be done with one foot at a time, but practice so your left can do it if needed. CAREFUL! You will be really hard on the brake at first.

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    I'm not saying it's impossible just very very difficult. First do simple things with your left hand like art projects, dishes, pouring liquids etc. Then gradute up to more difficult things.

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    Disable your "strong" arm/hand and only use the weaker one. This will "force" you to learn how to use your other arm/hand.

    By disable I mean tie it down or wrap your hand such that you can't readily use it. A medical sling that binds your hand and arm to your body is a good example of what I mean.

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  • 1 decade ago

    practise is only thing you can do,write with your left hand your abc's often.

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