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Do guys freak over the "Call to resolve"?

So, this guy and I saw each other 7-8 times, there was deep attraction, then, one night, he freaked and acted nasty over a "do you have a girlfriend?" question I asked him, and didn't call me for 4 days. By then I was so angry that I ignored him on campus. After 2 attempts, he ignored me as well. After 3 weeks of this, I realized I really missed what we had. So I shot him an email saying simply "Can we be friends again? I am sorry I was rude." He immediately replied "That sounds great! I am sorry as well." So...I wait 24 hours, shoot him an email asking if he wants to do lunch after class the next day. He doesn't reply. I freak and don't go to class. I have class with him tomorrow and I am freaking again, but I have to attend.

My question: should I call him (after a month of no calls) and ask some question about homework just to see what the vibe is like, and then see what happens? Or will I look desperate? Or freak him out further?

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    I wouldnt call him, let him realize what hes missing if he doesnt it he isnt worth the effort.

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    Go to class and if eye contact is made just say hi to him...I think the ball is definately in his court need to think long and hard about why he freaked and got nasty over you asking an innocent question like that..especially since you had gone out quite a few's a valid question....if he doesnt make an effort to go out again , just forget him and find someone who is worth your time and energy.

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    i think you should call him


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