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what is the career outlook for Leos in 2007?

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    Leo is the fifth and a fire sign

    Leo is ruled by the Sun

    Leo rules the heart and is a fixed quality and Extroverted

    Leo rules the 5th house

    Birthstone: Ruby

    Planet: Sun

    Positive Qualities:

    Generous, Enthusiastic, Self-assured


    Overbearing, Intolerant, Opinionated, Conceited

    Substitute: Bloodstone

    Element: Fire

    Even Stone helps to enhance the activity of Charkas and helps meditate better. ( Details can be discussed for those who are in to Spiritual Healing / Reiki )

    2006 in nutshell?

    2006 is set to be a character building year for you lions and lionesses. Saturn, the planet of focus and discipline moved into your sign on July 17, 2005, and remains there through mid-2007. You are going to learn many valuable lessons this year ? and 2006 looks like being a serious year for the majority of you. Pregnancies, weddings, engagements, buying your first piece of real estate ? are all in your stars in 2006.

    This is also a year for taking a low profile and letting other people shine as well (not so easy for you Leos). Fun and joy will really kick in after November 24, when Jupiter, the planet of fun moves into your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius. Enjoy your life Leos, with all the burdens facing you. Make sure you smile as you walk up the mountain.

    Your greatest fulfillment in 2006 comes from home, family and domestic interests, children, joy and creativity.

    Love Life & Friendships:

    Leos have been through huge love life upheaval over the past few years (think J Lo, Madonna, Ben Affleck for starters). Through all the instability, you have remained true to you and your heart and in 2006, with Saturn, the planet of focus and stability guiding you, many of you will really commit 100% to a new partner or an old one. For years you have been very infatuated with the ?glamorous crowd? ? but in 2006 a more normal, run of the mill person will take your fancy and you could surprise people who thought they knew you with a new lover (who is more ?granola than glam?. And that goes for your friendships as well. You won?t be so obsessed with hanging out with the who?s who of society or fabulous, always scandalous people. You?ll find yourself looking up old friends and hanging out with them or hanging out with older, wiser people and really getting a lot out of your new or renewed friendships.

    In September, a lunar eclipse on the 7th could knock some competitors out of the picture and leave the way clear for Mr or Miss Saturn (your one true love). Chances are he or she will be born under the sign of Aries, Gemini or Sagittarius.

    Finance & Career:

    Neither your 2nd house of finance nor your 10th house of career are houses of power in 2006. This is not an especially important financial or career year. However, the lack of emphasis on finance and career means you have more freedom in molding and shaping this area. Your strongest and most active financial period will be from July 21st to September 30th. Your strongest and most active career periods will be from January 1st to February 17th and March 5th to June 24th. You will find that you are simply in the right place at the right time for a new job or promotion ? it won?t be something you actively seek out.

    Parents or parent figures are enjoying great prosperity and are supportive of you. Married Leos are going to have very generous spousal support, as your partner prospers as well. Siblings will also be a tremendous support system as they prosper and spread the wealth amongst their family (which might relieve many of you who have been helping out parents or other family members).

    Body, Mind & Soul:

    With Saturn in your sign all year long, your renowned pride and self-esteem will get a reality check. If it is overly inflated, it will be brought down. If it is unrealistically low, it will be raised.

    Health wise, you need to watch for signs that your body is sending you in 2006. And with Saturn, your health planet very prominently placed in your own sign, you will be much more interested in health regimes, diets and healthy lifestyles. This is a great year for dieting, starlicious makeovers, cosmetic and plastic surgery.

    JUPITER TRANSIT (Based on Vedic Astrology / Moon Sign)

    (Please note that these are general effects of the Transiting Jupiter, for very specific results Personal Chart needs to be consulted)

    Name and fame will rise as Jupiter is in 3rd. house from your RASHI. Troubles from opponents will stop. Some of you may migrate abroad, and money flow will increase. Jupiter?s 5th 7th 9th aspect to 7th, 9th 11th houses may get you in a relationship, marriage, and financial benefit from father, new partners in your business, and If native has elder brother , his children may get married / engaged, and for younger brothers , chances of study aboard will be high. Prayers for Jupiter (Guru) with yellow flowers and lighting a Ghee lamp to Dakshinamurthy on every Thursday will help a lot. Reciting GURU Mantra for 27 times daily in the morning and evening for LEO natives would help a lot. Mantra is ?Om Sri Gurubhoyh Namah?


    If you have Leo partner respect him and his majestic manners. Accept the advice of Leo, the lion, as he is the king of the jungle. It is the sign of a showman, so if your partner does everything in grand style enjoy it. They fall easily for flattery and want to be center of attraction of all eyes (sometimes they can be quiet theatrical too).


    Never ever hurt the ego of a Leo. Pride, ego and vanity are some of the bags Leo's always carry with them. Do not touch these bags. An authoritative Leo is even more difficult to handle in such circumstances. Leo is a sunny sign so they do not like people who are gloomy or depressed. Even if you are crying at heart keep a sunny smile on your lips and then let the lion take charge and remove all worries from your life.

    December holds such amazing promise for you! For so long, life has been no-frills and you have had little choice but to follow the straight and narrow road. Your sign is warm and fun loving, so your recent life of austerity has had to be hard for you to take. All this should now change for the better - and very soon! Dear Leo, I am so excited to tell you about what's due for you in December, because truly, it's a month that should stand out, and that has the power to change the direction your life takes in the future. Everything about December is extraordinary!

    Two very special events are going on at the same time this month, and that convergence is what I am looking at in your chart.

    First, late last month, Jupiter entered Sagittarius for a full year, set to stay until December 17, 2007. For the first time in twelve years, Jupiter is now in the sign that he rules, and that means he will be able to express his most generous, bountiful gifts naturally and easily. Sagittarius happens to be a fire sign, like yours, so this, too, is fortunate, because from now on Jupiter will be in a strong position to help you. To cap this all off, the place Jupiter will be visiting is your fifth house of true love, fun, creativity, and matters related to children - the very area of the chart ruled by Leo! As you see, you are now in a superb position to take full advantage of Jupiter's favor!

    The second amazing event going on this month is that there will be a conjunction of planets in Sagittarius to welcome Jupiter to his new position. The conjunction aspect - planets standing shoulder to shoulder - is considered the most powerful of all aspects, and when the conjunction is friendly - well, the sky's the limit! These planets will congregate in your fifth house of true love, giving your coming months five stars for so many reasons!

    If all this seems too good to be true, it would be understandable. I realize you've seen no subtle clues that all this was on the way, but that is the beauty of life - that things CAN change for the better - and that all you need to do to take full advantage is to be open to those opportunities. It will be imperative that you circulate as much as you can this month, and to make an effort to look your very best. Beyond that, let nature take its course!

    So that you truly understand the remarkable planetary pattern that is shaping up in the heavens, I need to show you something. Let's think back six-and-a-half years, to May 4, 2000. Do you remember that time? During that week, we had an extraordinary build up of planets in earth sign Taurus - seven - filling your career house of fame and honors. That time should have been quite a wonderful time for your career changes and advancements for you.

    If you watched the news reports on television on May 4, 2000, that rare alignment of planets in Taurus was being reported. I remember Tom Brokaw telling viewers, correctly, that we would never again have seven planets in one zodiac sign at one time. That is true.

    But we will have six heavenly bodies in one sign at one time again, and that will happen this month, in Sagittarius, a sign that blends beautifully with yours. I wanted you to think back to May 2000 to re-experience how powerful a conjunction of many planets can be! Perhaps you can remember what happened. If you had experienced stress, that would have been because planets in Taurus, being earth signs, don't blend well with your fire sign Leo, but the ones this month in Sagittarius do!

    You may feel the coming planetary energy in one of two ways, in terms of romance and fun, or in terms of rare and explosive creativity. Of course, you may feel benefits in BOTH areas, because they are not mutually exclusive. If you do, more power to you!

    Your key point to watch will be the time just after the new moon, December 20 - although you will have some very glamorous aspects earlier, as the planetary "guests" at this party have already started to arrive in your fifth house, including the Sun, Venus, Pluto, and Jupiter. Mars is due to arrive on December 6, and Mercury, now no longer retrograde, will be one of the last to arrive on December 8.

    Venus can't stay, however, so she'll be leaving on December 11, actually before the party officially starts. Venus did want to make an appearance and lend her gifts of happiness and fun to you. Venus will need to hurry on to an assignment in your sixth house of health and fitness, working on getting you motivated by improving your appearance, her specialty. (She'll be busy on that project for you for a full month.)

    Neptune is currently busy working in your partnership sector, and can't come either, but Neptune will beam his finest gifts of inspiration to you from your committed relationship house. Since Neptune is in Aquarius, an air sign, all those Sagittarius planets will need Neptune's air and will take it in vigorously!

    Saturn, now in your sign, Leo, can't get to this Sagittarius celebration either, but will be traveling in a fire sign too, and therefore will lend his gifts of stability and longevity to the events that occur this month. This is simply extraordinary.

    Uranus, the planet of unexpected events, is a bit upset that he wasn't invited, however, and could act up by creating havoc with your finances. There are two points in the month when you'll need to keep your eye on bad-boy Uranus - December 5 and 21.

    Let's turn our attention a bit more closely to your creative output, which could turn out to bring you quite a breakthrough this month. Leo is a highly sophisticated sign when it comes to art, music, theatre, acting, design, and the other arts, so it is very possible you will get a rare opportunity to show the world what you can do. You may get approval for an idea you previously submitted or you may get an offer for a completely new assignment, one that ignites your imagination with thrilling possibilities. Watch the types of phone calls you get at the time of the new moon, December 20, and in the days that follow.

    If you are born in late Leo, say, near August 21, you will be in a position to reap the most benefits from this full moon.

    Keep in mind that although you'll likely feel these energies in a very outward way this month, Jupiter will remain at your side a full year, so this whole cosmic party is to celebrate what is happening now, but also to launch you into a whole new trend for 2007!

    Romantically, you should be bursting with invitations and parties this month. If not, you might want to give a party or check up on parties being given by clubs and groups you may belong to. This would be a divine month to take a vacation, so include that idea in your mix, too.

    If you are single, you'll have an excellent opportunity now to meet someone who is truly your type. You'd meet at a social event or on a trip, not through your work, and a close friend may have a hand in the plot.

    Speaking of friends, keep an eye on the glorious full moon in Gemini on December 4, set to exert a lot of energy in the four days surrounding this date. You are likely to be invited to not one but TWO beautiful, large gatherings at this time, ones perfect for making new friends and for networking. You'll love the lively conversation and the fun and flirty atmosphere at any events you attend that this time, as well as the newsy, juicy gossip you may pick up.

    If you are born on August 5, you will enjoy the developments of the full moon more than most.

    At the same time as this full moon, December 4, you will need to watch your finances, as Uranus, planet of unexpected developments, will be in hard angle to the Sun. Uranus is based in your financial house, particularly the one that covers money jointly held, whether with a partner, a bank, credit card company, or any other lending institution. Depending on how finances may have been going, you may experience some stress. Since you appear to be invited to a large party or convention at this time, you may have to lay out quite a bit of money to attend - it might be worth it, though!

    The financial problem you may experience might not be self-inflicted, however, as it appears it could also be that someone who owes you money might not deliver the check due. Be careful to watch your belongings, too - someone could be out to steal your credit card, and along with it, your identify. Be very, very careful.

    Let's get back to talking about your social life, which is truly the headline news for you. As wonderful as the full moon period may be for seeing friends and making new ones, the new moon on December 20 should open an even brighter and more beautiful window, one that will likely bring you more reasons to enjoy romance. What begins on a new moon will have staying power, especially now that Saturn will be so well angled to the planets celebrating in Sagittarius.

    To be clear, a new moon will open a window that will last two weeks, and the events that you "seed" during that period could grow into something important for your year ahead. The closer to the new moon the new meeting or event happens, the more power that day will have. You want to act in that first week, December 20 - 25, if possible, with December 20 - 23 being the most important days.

    If you are single, it will be imperative that you circulate as much as possible, for, admittedly, little or nothing will happen if you barricade yourself inside.

    Attached Leos won't be left out by any means, for the invitations will keep on rolling in, and together with your partner you'll recapture that feeling of fun that's been so sorely missing in your relationship lately. Some Leo readers will get engaged at this time, and it would be a lovely time to do so.

    If you have been together a long time, your relationship may have felt more like an arduous project than a love affair, but now all that will change joyously for the better. It's a wow of a month, and little things that used to trouble you about your partner may now recede in importance. Having lots of fun can put things in perspective - you may see now what really matters.

    When Mars and Jupiter combine energies on December 11, you should find luck not only in love, but in real estate and other domestic affairs. It's a five-star day, so why not combine love and home by staging a trim-a-tree party? Be sure to note this on your calendar! Jupiter only meets with Mars once every two years! (Allow several days prior, so the weekend of December 9 - 10 would be included, too.)

    Here is a day to keep an eye on, when you'll feel ultra-attractive, confident, and sexy: December 18. On that day, Pluto will meet with the mighty Sun, your ruler. It's a day you may be transformed by the way you see yourself, and then quietly change the way the world sees you, too.

    Whether you are a male or female Leo, treat yourself to an outrageously indulgent spa or salon / barber shop treatment on December 18. Be prepared to collect more than your usual share of compliments! You'll feel calm and in control going into the holiday season too, so in that respect, whatever you schedule won't be a treat but a necessity!

    Remember however, that your really exciting time begins on December 20, the new moon. That's when you make your grand entrance on the social scene, thanks to the new moon and a plethora of planets surrounding that new moon.

    If conceiving a baby is on your wish list, this month you may hear the flapping of the stork's wings. If you've had problems conceiving or carrying a pregnancy, book an appointment with a medical specialist without delay. Never have your chances been better for having a baby. While all of 2007 will continue to bring luck in this area, this month will bring a triple dip of joy. Why not take full advantage?

    If you have suffered one or more miscarriages, you may still have reasons for hope. Don't give up! In this extraordinary month, get the medical help you need. Jupiter not only has the power to bring happiness, but also can bring healing and even miracles. If having a baby is important to you, make that dream a number one priority in December. Again, your best luck will occur AFTER the new moon December 20 appears, but honestly, if that doesn't fit your cycle, don't worry. You seem so golden now that I think just about any day would bring good news.

    If you are not ready to knit little booties, be very careful because Jupiter is currently guessing (incorrectly) that you'd be thrilled to welcome a little tyke soon. Jupiter can get a little over-zealous, so if you aren't ready, you'll have to be very vigilant to avoid a pregnancy.

    On New Year's Eve, the moon will be in Gemini, so you may decide to be with friends at a grand party, possibly one that will require you drive or fly to a nearby city. Your trip wouldn't be too far, but it would put you in a new surroundings. With your stellar aspects this month, it would be a perfect night to go out - you've the very best aspects of any sign for fun and love!

    Would you love to take a romantic vacation and are wishing you had checked with your travel agent? It's not too late! Call and go! It's fun to be spontaneous, and this month would be your very best time to find out just how much so!

    Your very best date nights include: December 4, 11, 18, 20, 25, and 31.

    Before I leave you, I want to urge you to keep your health up to par. The turn of Saturn to retrograde on December 6 could give you a small setback in matters of health, so try to keep yourself in top form. Saturn will turn direct again on April 19, but in that time, if you have a chronic problem, you will want to follow your doctor's advice to the letter and not cheat, not even a little.

    If you are on a fitness regimen, don't use the holidays as an excuse to drop off the wagon - you need to redouble your efforts now through April to stay on track. With Saturn on your Sun, you will be so smart to stay consistent. Saturn conjunct the Sun can be a very draining aspect, so anything you can to keep yourself strong and healthy will pay you dividends in the future. Keep an eye on keeping your heart healthy, and your back and bones / teeth strong, all "Saturn" areas.

    With a full moon due in early January 3, you could find that your batteries are running down near New Year's Eve. You could be susceptible to colds at that time, so be extra careful to stay healthy! As said earlier, it looks like you'll have a party or two to ring in the New Year, ones you won't want to miss due to sniffles. Fresh squeezed orange juice is delicious - have some!


    You've had precious few pleasures over the past year, but that's about to change for the better now, and quite dramatically. Jupiter, the planet of happiness, recently moved into your house of true love and fun for a full year's stay, so the universe is about to do a major "correction" for you - and see to it that you find enjoyable ways to relax and enjoy the finer side of life.

    Everyone wants a rich private life, but you've simply not had the luxury to make it a priority. Jupiter knows how hard you've been working on various parts of your life, and like a kindly uncle will now liven things up just when you were about to give up. You will see that things will be perky from the moment the month begins, but they will REALLY reach an exciting peak in the days following the new moon, December 20.

    With SIX planets stirring up commotion in your house of fun and parties, this month will be a stellar month for socializing. We haven't seen six planets in the same sign in YEARS (and won't again anytime soon), so you should absolutely feel this month's extraordinary energy! These heavenly bodies will all stack up in Sagittarius, a fellow fire sign like yours, known to impart a broadening, adventuresome influence. All these planets will support your dearest aims, so if you're single and hoping to meet the right person, your prospects look excellent!

    If you're married or attached, you'll have an amazing month too, filled with dinners, drinks, and dancing, and one brimming with cultural activities, too. Your partner may surprise you with tickets to a Broadway play, the ballet, or fantastic rock concert. The two of you might even sneak away for an exciting vacation, and if so, it looks like it would take you on a journey far away, over water, to spin a memory unlike any you've had.

    This month isn't JUST about love, although it may seem that way! You'll get a superb chance to expand your circle of friends at an important holiday party that will come up within days of the full moon, December 4. Go to this one - the conversation will be lively with many interesting people in attendance. Some of the people you meet could be from academia, research, diplomatic corps, or politics. You'll expand your circle of friends effortlessly now and your "normal" life will, at least for the evening, recede into the background.

    When it comes to love, planets in Sagittarius will make you intellectually curious, open to people of all backgrounds and cultures, and will coax you to find a meeting of the minds on a deep, philosophical level, too. In more ways than one, this will be a memorable month, dear Leo!

    At work, you'll dazzle clients and higher ups with your exceptional creativity. Your ability with color and design is normally head and shoulders above the rest, but now you'll show the full force of your talent. Dear Leo, are you excited about December yet? You should be!

    A festive holiday party that is sure to draw lots of your dearest friends together will be your focus as a result of the full moon December 4. A full moon has wide areas of influence so watch that whole week for news of a shindig you won't want to miss.

    By December 18, you'll be feeling powerful, strong, and confident. By then you will have received enough positive feedback from interested suitors to see that you are indeed special, and you'll know for sure that others really do enjoy being with you.

    By the new moon in your house of true love on December 20, you'll be floating on a cloud. You may receive a thoughtful and beautiful surprise gift from someone you care about (but weren't sure liked you back - until that moment) or you may go to another holiday party. If you do go to a party on this date, it is likely to be smaller and more intimate than the one you attend on or near December 4.

    Whatever occurs between you and someone special during the week of December 20 - 27 will set the tone for your relationship for weeks - even months - to come. This is YOUR month, so enjoy it to the hilt!

    Dear Leo, you have Jupiter, the planet of happiness and luck, now in your house of romance for the coming 12 months. Your future outlook is nothing less than fantastic!

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