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My cocker spaniel is scared of me, what do I do?

My cocker is about 4 months old and sometimes out of the blue runs and hides behind our chair and when I go to get her she pees as she tries to back away. How can I fix this, the fear and the peeing?

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    This is not normal behavior unless someone in the family has abused or tormented the dog. Something as simple as a child pulling on the puppy's coat causing pain would make the puppy fearful of physical contact. Or even a mild, accidental, kick would affect a sensitive puppy. It would be best if you consulted with you local vet on your dog's behavior.

    Or it may be as complicated as the dog is having seizures and runs to this spot as a place of safety during these seizures. I'm speaking from experience as our Cocker Spaniel, Jason, would do this. Unfortunately Jason was the result of a back-yard breeding from parents of questionable heritage. The outcome was puppies with medical problems.

    Once you have consulted with the vet and ruled out medical problems, you may want to invest in Puppy Socialization Classes that allows your whole family, children and adults alike, to participate in these classes. That way the puppy can learn to enjoy all of the family members.


    Source(s): Dog obedience instructor 30+ years experience
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    What your dog is doing is called submissive peeing. As with any pet you're going to need patience with it. Your dog is scared for some reason...I don't know if you or another human has ever hit it (I don't recommend that) so it's possibly scared of that or it could just be puppy angst... either way be patient try to encourage the dog to come out versus forcing the dog out..trying luring it out with calm happy commands, offer it a favorite treat or toy.. If it pees before you can stop it (knoqing that she's housebroken?) than again this is called submissive peeing.. like any pet stain be prepared to clean it up and show the pup the correct place to go. Walk the dog to it, not carry it. Also, if the dog is still being house broken, keep a 5-6 foot leash attached to a body harness and keep it tied to your belt so you can keep an eye on the pup.

    Remember, to get a stain cleaner that has enzymes to break down biological stains, not just an ordinary household cleaner. I use Orange TKO.

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    I'm not sure if it will work on dogs but it works with horses put you and your Spaniel in a large EMPTY room where he/she can't run behind or under something. then try to approach. When he runs away wich he most likely will do, wait then try again. do not chace him around the room, slowly walk for him and don't constantly chace him and do not keep walking after him for a long time. If He/She runs away from you the second time stop walking after it and sit in the middle of the room and wait for him/her to approach you. This may take a while so you need patients. If you have no patients than this will be tough and that also may be the reason he is scared of you but give it a try it should work.

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    Cocker spaniels are a skittish breed of dog to start with. The best thing you can do is spend lots of time while she is young on the floor playing with her so her is not so intimidated by you and realizes that you are a friend not an enemy. The fear and peeing are a response to the fact that you are so much bigger and she has no real means of protecting herself from you. once she learns that are not going to hurt her she will slowly stop doing it.

    Source(s): Owned a cocker spaniel most of my life so i have been through what you are going through.
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    Use slow and gentle movements when approaching your dog.

    Hand feeding is a great way to bond with a new dog.

    The peeing is a submission gesture, it will go away when she is more comfortable with you.

    When your dog is acting fearful, it is important you don't coddle her at that time or you will be nurturing her fearfulness. Don't push the issue too much, let her come to you on her own terms.

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    Is there something that you have done to frighten her? If so it might take awhile to regain her trust.

    Don't approach her quickly, call her to come to you, if she doesn't come right away give her some time. Don't look at her, use a nonchalant attitude with her and speak in a normal voice, no excited baby-talk that gets her excited & nervous, she will pee everytime.

    You will need to be patient. Use small treats to coax her to come to you then praise her, and walk away. Repeat this off & on, she should come around. Never yell at her, this is tramatic for her & could ruin your relation ship with her forever.

    Good Luck!

    Ms. BG13

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    Let her come to you on her terms. I have found the scared ones are often scared of hands but if its just your face they will give you kisses and kisses. How long have you had her?

    Get used to the urine with a cocker. They are known for poor housebreaking.

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    can u remember if you did something that may have caused her to get scared...made a loud sound, hit her etc? well if you can remember dont do it again! To make her stop being scared of you you will have to gain her trust...do not try approaching her...let her approach you...maybe try holding her bowl of food or her favourite toy... she will eventaully approach you..when she does dont make any sudden movements let her sniff you etc. after a couple of truns at this she should be fine with you, but what out to see what may have scared her in the first place and avoid it

  • If the dog is scared enough, she might pee. If you can't bribe her with treats or toys, I would just let her come out on her own

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    Have u ever raised your hand to her if u have u will have to gain her trust again.Always be sure to give lots of hugs and attention to her.and when she does come when u call her be sure to praise her. its about trust with our dogs. Thay have to able to trust you.

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