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if you get 2 postitive pregnancy tests, but are still not sure,how else could you know you are pregnant?

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    Two positive tests? I think you should call your doctor to make an appointment for prenatal care because you are pregnant. The tests are 99.999% accurate.

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    U HAVE 2 POSITIVE TESTS. what more evidence do u need? a test checks 4 a hormone that is only present during pregnancy a positive test means u have the hormone 1 test is maybe a fluke, but not 2, if u still don't believe go to the doc

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    I would say 2 + pregnancy test means your pretty much pregnant. I also took me 2 test for me to believe I was pregnant. = ) But I would recommend for you to go to your Dr.'s and take a blood test. They will probably make you take a urine test first but if you ask for a blood test they will give it 2 you. You can also get and ultrasound to be 200% sure that's if you over 5 weeks pregnant. Good Luck.

  • There's going to the docto'r and getting a blood test done. But two positive test should convince you. Me on the other hand just took a test a couple weeks ago and it said negative and then took one this past weekend and it said positive so for me either taking another test or getting a blood drawn would be a good option. Hope that helps!

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  • Considering that you have taken 2 tests that both came out positive and you still don't believe them then why don't you go to the doctor and get a blood test and maybe you'll get an ultrasound and see for yourself. Thats what I would do if I was in your situation.

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    Go to your Dr and have a blood test done. Most of the time though Pregnancy test are right. Especially twice. Good luck.

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    Go to any near Clinic around your neighborhood, and get tested. They will take another urine test for you, And if your still not confident with the results, you can ask for a blood test. The blood test will definitely tell you the truth. Good luck.

  • 2 positive pregnancy test is a PRETTY good sign that you are pregnant but if you need even MORE proof than your doctor can do a test

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    Once you've had positive pg test, next step is to call and make an appt. w/ your family doctor or ob/gyn. They will confirm, either by urine, blood or vaginal ultrasound or combination of any of those. This way they can get you started on your prenatal and give you a buttload of information to get you started on things you need to know.

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    Blood test or ultrasound (if you are past at least 5 weeks or else it's pointless, even a vaginal!) Here's a thought though.....I highly doubt that you bought now ONE but TWO faulty tests. You're pregnant!

    Source(s): Mother of one, second on the way!
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