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What are the average temperatures for Haifa in April?

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    Haifa has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and cold, rainy winters. The average temperature in summer is 26 °C and in winter, 12 °C. Snow is rare in Haifa, but temperatures around 6 °C can sometimes occur, usually in the early morning. The wet season is from October to April.

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    April could have some hot spells with winds coming from the desert. It might rise up to the 30oC+++ for a few days, but usually April is withour rain and the weather alternates between the "Hamsin" (desert winds) and nice warm weather (23-25oC)

    I want to add to Jeanjean below, Haifa is hot but not dry, I wish it was dry but Haifa being a port city has a lot of humid air "sitting" on it very unpleasant. So yes, it can get hot but always humid.

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