Hi cyberfriends. Im looking to go to Universal Studios in LA,CA over the winter break w/ my family of 4.?

We are a young, hip family and would like to stay in a fun area w/ nice hotel accomodations for kids thats not too pricey. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Well you must first say do I want to stay close to Universal or would stay around and near Hollywood Bl. We go often and I would stay away from the really inexpensive hotels. We stay at The Holiday Inn Express on Sunset and LaBrea. If you place reservations in advance you will pay $112.00 a night, that is for 2 adults. It is safe and two blocks away from Hollywood Bl. Easy access to Universal Studios. Free breakfast and computer Cafe across the street. reviews are always good.

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    if you check out parts of Hollywood. or even Santa Monica,

    [a lot of hotels will let kids stay free]

    there are tour company that will provide you with transportation to Universal studios (or you can drive or take Public transit there as well)

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    Look here:


    and here


    At the tripadvisor site you will find lots of hotels with travelers recommendations.

    and more here


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