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Why are they making such a big deal about Chile's dictator Pinochet,who cares if he dies it appears he has k

killed thousands not to mention the torture?? This kind of stuff gets my goat these politicans and dictators live in luxury at the expense and murder of the working and expect a big funeral with dignitaries glorifying them with lies,what a waste.They fail to realize that death is the great equalizer and they are no stranger to death and should know that so who really gives a rats behind,just dig a hole and dunp him in it or feed him to the fish. For me i've ask my family for just a simple cermony & grave site in the country with a simple marker..I'm glad i'm just a simpleton and a nobody or i might get to thinking that i'm better than everyone else and deserve everything i can get from them to waste it on me and let them suffer at my expense.Damn how do they live with themselves??

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    Yeah, I do understand the upset of people who understand the monsterous crimes of this fascist monster not wanting him to aviod responsibility or justice by dying. I myself don't feel the same. I just want the bastard gone. If he merely dies in his sleep, it will be fine with me, just so long as he's GONE!

    If I have my way, he would live to see ALL the stolen wealth amassed by his criminal family stripped away and every one of them either left penniless in the street or rotting in prison where most of them belong. Then I would like to see Pinochet himself die a horrible lingering death stretched out for at least 5-6 years of brutal terrible and constant agony.

    It the world was fair, that is what would happen. He is a monster.

    If this is too much to ask, then I'll settle for GONE!

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    The reason Im not pleased with the events and therefore are interested in them is because he has yet to be officially recognized for the criminal that he is. He is this close to excaping punishment through death, so we have to work fast if we want justice to be served on this topic.

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    It's business for the press and Pinochet was sponsored by an US government.

  • That's the problem with the media. They always do that. it's true

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