Dodge Stratus 2004? Junkie Car?

Can anyone help me, I took it in for service and they told me it needs a throtle service have no idea what this is? Any help I would appreciate it, I understand is maintenance service and the advisor said anyone can do it.

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    What the service advisor may have been referring to is a 'throttle body service'. The throttle body is located on the intake manifold and looks much like a carburator from years ago. The throttle body is where the air enters the engine and inside is the 'butterfly', the plate that opens and closes as you step on or off the gas pedal. No fuel enters through the throttle body since the Stratus has a port injected fuel system (injectors at the cylinders). Even with the air filter, throttle bodies tend to carbon up and get dirty and turn black. Throttle bodies are made of aluminum and should be silver inside and out. There is a special cleaner for them (throttle body cleaner) and it's as simple as removing the air intake hose and spraying the product inside. Be careful removing the hoses and watch for any sensors and plugs that may be in the way. I do not suggest using standard carburator cleaner in throttle bodies since there are sensors inside them that the carburator cleaner can ruin (throttle position sensor, automatic idle speed control). If these sensors get to the point where they carbon up, they will not operate properly and the engine management system will not read them correctly resulting in poor driveability and fuel mileage. Follow the instructions on the can and be sure to inspect your air filter as well. Be sure to reinstall the air intake hose and reconnect any sensors that may have had to be unplugged before starting the engine. This will ensure that the 'check engine' light isn't tripped on. I always clean the throttle body on my vehicles at each oil change since I also inspect the air filter at that time.

    Source(s): ASE Master Auto Tech For 25 Years
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    yeah ur throttle has a couple of screws on it that loosen themselves over use. they need to be readjusted to work at the right spot. u need a car manuel and screwdriver and need to know what the rpm should idle at. a mechanic can do it by ear, but u can do it by watchin the rpms with another person.

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