How Do I get Help With Yahoo Email.?

I had another email address for years and now I can't get into it with password. and can't seem to get help from yahoo without signing in.So I created another address to be able to ask questions. Please help as I have some improtant files and my pictures are in yahoo photos.

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    By reading this!!!

    A member phoned Yahoo!on 11-28-06 and was told this: "We are still working on the bugs of the Yahoo! Beta Mail. The "Session Expired" issue is what we are working on at present".

    Thousands are having many different problems with their mail as there are still glitchs that Yahoo! hasn't gotten fixed yet in their new format.

    This applies to almost all areas of mail (including signing in, composing, receiving, sending, attachments, photos etc.), messenger, original and beta mail, and search problems, for the last few weeks.

    I found this in What's New In Mail:

    We’re wrapping up a few remaining compatibility issues between Yahoo! Mail Beta and the new Microsoft Internet Explorer 7

    So, it seems we have to uninstall these two things or try to work around them until they finish wrapping things up.

    This is the # 1 way most are getting in mail now that I know of for sure:

    To get in most areas of Yahoo!:


    This is feedback I got from just one member of whom I helped:

    From: cody47

    Subject: Re: yahoo problems

    Message: Clarification: did NOT help me get back into yahoo.

    On the other hand, can be used to sign into yahoo, then put yahoo back into the address block and hit go. It will take you back to yahoo and you can open mail normally. Otherwise, you can open mail in wap, but it is blind. I have to go thru wap each time I log on. Yahoo no longer remembers me, either with IE or firefox.


    This link has a lot of good info that covers about everything on a PC:

    Yahoo! Mail Help Tips:


    For those who can't get in at all try this as it seems to be working for a few.

    Make sure your screen resolution is 1024 by 768 pixels. Right click on your desktop, click Properties, click the "Settings" tab, left click and hold on the screen resolution bar and drag it all the way to the right, click Apply and click OK

    To contact Yahoo!:

    Toll free 1-866-562-7219 - 1-800-318-0608


    408-349-1572 customer care

    408-349-3301 fax

    Yahoo! Customer Care

    Yahoo! Help Form:

    I hope this helps you.

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    record them to Yahoo. there's a section to record comments. you'll locate it in Yahoo help, and in case you understand that they are extreme, call the Police, they have procedures to locate who's doing it.

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    why does my email say I have 17 emails and there isn't but maybe 2 in box? please help

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