Is it true if you eat you meals slower you will get fuller faster?

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    Yes....doctors & dieticians recommend eating food slowly so that the brain gets time to process how much food has been consumed, and alerts the body faster. It cuts down on your food intake, and is one way of controlling your weight.

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    Yes, when you eat slower the brain has time to send the chemicals that tell you that you are full. If you just binge it doesn't get to your stomach until after you have eaten.

    It's simple to actaully notice as well. One day eat slowly, and the next wolf your food'll notice a big differance.

    It is also to the ame concept of getting drunk...if you drink slowly you will realize when you are getting buzzed...and will usually slow down, and why people that do mulitiple shots sometimes say "boy that drinking sure snuck up on me."

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    I don't know if you get fuller faster but I think that your body has a better chance of sending a signal to your brain to stop eating, because you've had enough. When your cramming food in your mouth at a high rate of speed, your body doesn't have enough time to send the signal.

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    technically yes. your stomach will release hormones when it's empty to signal your brain to tell you it's hungry. provided that you're healthy and everything is working right, it will also release hormones when food enters to tell you to stop eating (a sense of satiety). interestingly there's a very rare subset of children in England who do not produce leptin (a hormone) and if allowed will eat everything in the room.

    eating foods which sit in the stomach longer can provide a feeling of satiety longer (high fat), which is why you feel so bloated after a huge thanksgiving feast.

    eating and appetizer or salad before the entree could prevent you from gorging as well as blunting your yearning for dessert. but if you eat too big a salad, you may not eat enough later on, and so you may end up hungrier in a few hours.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's not a matter of getting fuller faster. It's a matter of letting your brain catch up with your stomach. If you eat too fast, you put more food in your stomach before your brain senses that it's full.

  • T
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, it takes 20 minutes for the feeling of satisfaction to reach your brain. If a person eats fast then they can eat more than what is necessary to satisfy the hunger causing the person to consume more calories than needed. By eating slow you can control your calorie intake with out feeling denied the foods you want to eat.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It is true when you eat slower you feel better and your stomach will say you thank you. Why? Because not all the meals are desintegrating very easy and only when the food will be discompose in your stomack in very small parts, only then your stomach will tell you that is enought. That's the way we should eat slowlly and to feel a little hungry.

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    It takes about 15 minutes from when you first swallow you when you feel not hungry. So if you eat less in those 15 minutes you'll feel fuller faster.

  • Paul
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    1 decade ago

    It's true. It can take 5-10 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain it's full. That's why people usually complain about how full they are several minutes after eating.

  • hello
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    It takes about 20 min for your brain to recognize that you are full. So if you eat slow it can prevent you from over eating.

    If you are starving and keep eating and eating, in 20 min you are so full you feel like you are going to burst.

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