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How successful is the use of photography in advertising?

Can photographic images really enhance the success of an advert?

(NOT images of the product itself, but photographic images used to promote a product..)

For example: the shock tactics employed by Benetton through their shocking visual imagery... Benetton used photos that had hardly any relation their products; they simply understood that shock tactics not only grab the attention of the consumer, but also that of the media, and in doing so increase the effectiveness of the campaign.

(Please provide examples if possible.)

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    yes of course photogrpahy plays a massive part in any campaign. an image has instant impact, whereas text takes a few seconds to sink in, and youre past the hoarding.

    i do this for a living, and i agree the benneton campaign was brutal and shocking, but it didnt offend public decency, and it sure as hell got them noticed. did it sell more stuff? who knows...

    but often the advertiser has no idea how to promote his product in the best (most effective) way. instead he depends on the skill and advice of the photographer to point them in the right direction. (unless your using saatchi)

    whilst its easy to take a photography, its not easy to interpret the brief...thats where the skill is. and sorry but i cant give you examples, art is subjective, teh artist objective, what i ilke you may not.

    easist way is the get a copy of the big black book... its all about advertising... and you can do what i had to do, read the thing... then put it into practice. and so afr ive been doing this for almost 18 years...

    i once did a series for health and safety campaign, i went to a butcher and bought some eyes... i got an apprentice to hold them in his hand, in front of a surface grinder throwing up loads of sparks... the title. you one get one pair... look after them. wear safety glasses. ( it wasnt for teh squeamish...) i did some for donor cards... i used a 16 yr old Youth, and a XR3i... got one of these..then get one of these. before you get one of these... (it showed a funeral procession passing.

    A doesnt have to go with B, in fact this is the basis of advertising.. whats different... what grabs your attention... what sells..

    good luck

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    It all boils down to the human mind, honestly. Lets take a video game console for example. Sure, the company could create a advertisment with a picture of it, but the mind isn't going to respond too passionatly about a plastic hunk of electronics. If the company adds a photo of someone actually playing a game and having fun, the brain automatically reads that game console as a positive experience. A successful advertisment will not only have pictures of the item, but pictures of people using the item.

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    I did my graduate school thesis on this and related topics for a master's degree in advertising. The data showed that using photographs (as opposed to "art" illustrations, or all type) is the most effective way to get attention for a print advertisement. Go through a magazine and check the ads; most will be photos, not art or all type.

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    Advertisers understand that visualization is what people remember the most. Most people are bombarded by advertising everyday so the ones that grab their attention are the one's that get remembered, no matter if the imagery has anything to do with the product.

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    I notice ads do that all the time. Like that Burger King ad or commercial its so random yet you remember it because of its randomness. Pictures I think are very important. People live fast paced lives and dont have the time to read about a product so its up to the ad agency to grab the attention of the consumer with something that only takes 10secs to look over.

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    I work in Sales and always tell clients who are placing adverts with my to include an image on their ad as it has been known to create a better response in terms of people being drawn to the ad-so that might be some use to you!

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