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HELP with Gift Ideas for 3 separate occasions?...?

Occasion 1...going on a bus tour over christmas day with 20-25 other people and want to get something small (and obviously not too expensive) to give to everyone for christmas. Also needs to be not too big and unisex as I dont know how many girls/guys.

Occasion 2...stopping to stay with a girlfriend in her 30s who I haven't known for that long for new years and want to take something to say thank you for letting me stay...willing to spend up to $ needs to be carted around on bus tour for week prior to so cant be huge.

Occasion 3...joining in the girlfriends friend's New Years party and wanted to get the host a gift to say thanks again for letting me join in...the party theme is 'blonde' so the gift could be themed. This one up to say $30...again have to cart it around for a for a girl in her 30s.

Any help much appreciated!

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    Occasion 1 - A little red gift bag full of snacks & necessities for the bus ride. ex: little candy bars, gum, small water bottle, wipies, tissues, etc.

    Occasion 2 - gift certificate to Victoria's Secret or Bath & Body Works

    Occasion 3 - don't buy the gift until you get to the girls house - buy a bottle of wine, 24pk of beer, or a snack/veggie tray from the store

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    #1- Since you have many people to buy for go to a dollar store or a party store and get something small, maybe key chains or something.

    #2- Pier1 Imports has really nice candles or vases and other home decor things. Especially now during the holidays you can buy something with a xmas theme, maye a really nice ornament or something.

    #3- Bath and Body works... no woman can resist a nice shower gel or bath bubles or other things that they have.

    btw last year bath and body works had really great smelling candles, they were in a glass ornament looking thing that looked like crackled glass. I'm not sure if they have the same thing this year but I'm sure they have something similar.

    Go on the web sites and check out some stuff

    Good luck and have fun!

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    in case you're going for the vehicle seat maybe get a motor vehicle seat with the stroller. that could knock 2 huge issues off the checklist yet you do no longer could deliver a modern-day to all the toddler showers or perhaps one toddler bathe. basically deliver it to them and maybe get a pair clothing for once you bypass meet the toddler. If the toddler is born in December than do slightly christmas once you're available maybe between the clothing could be x-mas modern-day. additionally for x-mas or once you bypass see the toddler wait till after her toddler showers and than examine the registry and spot what little issues they did no longer get that they are going to choose. wish this facilitates!

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