is it over, will she ever call me agian, I still am in love. SHOULD I CALL HER if so when, what do i do?

I really luv this girl we been 2gether 4yrs n last mounth she ends it. Aftr 2wks in2 it she calls me and wnts bac. We get bac n we feel get. She says all this stuff about movin w/ me n marry me. After she gets bac from here friends college, she ends the relationship w/ me again. A wk goes by n i call her, She tells me she was honest about the week she got bac with me and really misses n loved me but when she got bac frm her friends she didn't feel that way anymor. swares their not anyone ealse and she cares about me but no longer in that romantic way. N she want to be alone. she says its not my fault. I truely loved her i was going to propose in june. I did everything for her. When i left she huged and kissed me. And i made a joke being friends w/ benifits and she laughed and smiled. I walked away n i really still think she will come 2 her sences, her friend said we may have grown apart. I just think if give her time she'll miss me. thats what my friends keep telling me. can i mov on?

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    She's not coming back. You need to accept that then you can move on.

    She was having a hard time breaking up with you after being together for so long and that's why it was so hard for her to do. But that was more because of the way she felt in the past and she was mourning the loss of love.

    She's done. Accept that and move on. After 4 years it will take a while so don't be surprised if you aren't interested in anyone for a few months. But don't waste your life wanting something you can never have.

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    Time to move on. If she is backing away after a 4 year relationship then my guess is she has already decided she does not want to take the next step in the relationship by getting married. It hurts now but you need to put it behind you and, most of all, don't let her use you by bouncing in and out of your life at her convenience.

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    If she's not interested in you, then she's not interested in you. If she misses you, then too bad. I think you guys have done too many break ups for any reunion you make in the future to be considered as true love. Jeez, man! There are so many other girls out there and they're all different! She's not the only one in the planet, so move on! Do you have to get advice from strangers to feel okay with moving on?!

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    I was told it takes 1/2 the time a relationship lasted to get over it and thats for both people involved it seems like it was hard for her to let go as well but it really sounds like its over. It will take time to get used to it you dont spend 4 years with a person and get over it in a few weeks. But as time goes on it does get better.

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    Dude... It's over. Posting your question 20 times isn't gonna change that.

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    When she is at school, she notices, more educated guys that can spell. When she is home from school, you are just there, for when she is bored or lonely, she has out grown you.

  • move one there is more fish in the pond

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