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On Lace front wigs, if you buy the wig in deep wave, can you only wear the hair in deep wave?

Also if you buy the wig in straight indian remey once you wet it will it have waves in it. please give me any additional in formation (websites. numbers ect.)

thank you so much :D

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    If you order this wig, make sure it is Indian hair, not just deep wave. There is a difference. Virgin indian hair has not been processed at all and it can be straight or wavy depending on the donor. (I have samples that I can send you if you would like.) The first time that I had a weave put in with this hair I was amazed. I wanted some color, so I put highlights in it, but before this it was completely untouched by chemicals and soft as ever.

    Remy Indian hair has been processed, so it will not be as soft as the virgin hair. It is still a high quality of hair, but there is a difference. If it has been processed to have that straight look, then it will not be wavy when you wet it. I would suggest ordering a hair with a wave to it so that you can straighten it when you want the straight look, but wear it curly by wetting it.

    I sell full lace wigs, so if you would like to see a sample, you can email me @ adedejia@gmail.com

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    If you get the hair in deep wave that is not the only style that you can wear it in. you can flat iron it and curl it any way that you would like to. The only thing is that the hair is processed to give it the deep wave texture so don't expect the hair to go right back into the full fledged deep wave texture that you first received it in.

    Indian Remy hair does have a subtle wave when wet. It won't be like deep wave but it will have a slight wave to it.

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