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Prospective Migrant asking question to New Zealanders.?

Asian man here, considering movine to Auckland area. I've been warned about racism/violence against Asian people. What's your personal opinion about Asian people living in New Zealand and any advice? I personally think the people are just fantastic and the country itself is gorgeous. Thanks!


Actually I'm Japanese but born and raised in America. I speak very little of my native tongue, mostly English. Sounds real great, can't wait to go check it out. Thanks for everyone's input.

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    Yes, sadly, there is racism here. There's a Singaporean Chinese guy who writes a regular column for the New Zealand Herald, who has been pointing out the hurdles SE Asian people encounter in this country. As has been observed, it's apparently worse in Christchurch, but you will get it to some extent anywhere. On a more positive note, racists are very much the minority, and most people are pretty tolerant. You don't say what part of Asia you're from - NZers tend not to realize that Asia means more than just South-East Asia. If you're from the subcontinent or points west of there, you'll miss out on the "bl**dy Asian drivers!" brand of stereotyping.

    By all means, come on over. There's actually a huge mix of nationalities here in Auckland, and it's probably fluency in English which influences locals' views of immigrants more than anything else.

    Haere mai (usually translated as “welcome”, also means “come here”) and kia ora (often used in greeting, conveys wishes of good health).

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    I have heard about strange cases of Chinese exchange students kidnapping other Chinese exchange students and dumping their bosies into the Auckland Bay... but I do not have the impression that New Zealanders themselves have anything against Asians. On the contrary, Asians have an excellent reputation here, and the Police have even had to admit that Asians are far less lkely to get in trouble with the law than native kiwis are. I don't think you'd be having any problems. Of course, keep in mind that New Zealand is like Europe in the 1970s, and people in rural areas may still be somewhat surprised to see you, but in the big cities, you'll be just fine.

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    I am a New Zealander who lives in Wellington .. but have been to Auckland many times. I myself have not seen any violence agaisnt Asians in Wellington or Auckland but have heared about it occuring in Christchurch in the south island where a group called the National Front pick on anyone who isnt white.. Don't fear though .. outside of Christchurch you will be treated just like anyone else. Most of us have grown up and gone to school with asian people and work with them. You would have lots of friends in New Zealand. My personal opinion is that you shouldn't judge a person because of their race but on their actions and personality. So I think its great that you are considering moving to New Zealand.

    Best wishes!

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    I was in Rotorua last December. I saw many Asians, and the perception I had from native Kiwis was that Asians are trying to take over their country. Many Asians have bought several properties and businesses starting with takeaway shops (restaurants), and all the way to golf courses.

    Therefore, my recommendation to you would be to be ready for a little discrimination. But try not to take it personal. They are good people after all.

    Good luck!

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    Some xenophobes around but not too many. Most kiwis are pretty okay about all races. Invite kiwis around to your home for your home countries food and beer, you will make a friend for life!

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