Will perfume or cologne make you more attractive?

People shell out millions of dollars a year to smell like something they're not, dabbing on perfume and splashing on aftershave in the eternal quest to attract their preferred gender.

But does perfume really work? Sure, a little eau de toilette makes you smell nice, but does it make you ... sexy? Will Red or Drakkar Noir weave a scented spell that enthralls the object of your desire?

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    There are some fragrances that are just amazing on the right person. Some are unforgetable. And fragrances are not limited to colognes. Cognac drizzled on certain parts of the male anatomy beat the hell out of any cologne on the market.

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    Attractive Perfume

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    Well no, perfumes were developed centuries ago to mask body odor, which we in the US just do not have any clue what is like on an unwashed or undeoderized body. Even those who just wash and go, don't smell anything like a culture that doesn't bathe regularly, such as the Europeans about four hundred years ago.

    However, I wear Dior's Poison, and have now for 30 years since I was 23, because I love the smell and its a perfume that not many women can wear because its a heavier scent. The most interesting experience with perfume I ever had was when my daughter was in high school and working in a music store. I stopped by to see her on my way out for the night, and she had stepped out for her dinner break. When she got back to work, she walked in and told her boss I had been there even before he could give her the message. Not that I over do it, but the scent is so distinctive that she knew very few other women wear it but me and knew I had been there. She has a very acute scent of smell as well.

    I like perfumes but I always advise young women to find one, and always wear it so that you will be identified with that smell.That is very sexy.

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    I like a man with a small amount of a really good cologne....nothing heavy and not Aqua Velva or Hai Karate or something.

    Of course a man's natural smells can be nice as well. It all boils down to appropriate smells for the man and the occasion. If my man has been working in the yard and comes in, it's sexy that he smells like a man.

    If he's in a suit and we're headed to our favorite spot for a romantic dinner I'd rather he smelled like Cool Water or something.

    Scents can trigger strong physical reactions and memories. Every time I smell a man wearing Mennen Skin Bracer I think of my father....not a sexy scent, but it does jog the memory.

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    If you smell bad, it covers up the bad smell that would normally be a turn-off. Additionally, a strong good smell will get you noticed. However, if you don't smell bad and you don't need to smell to get attention, you're better off not wearing cologne or perfume. It interferes with the natural pheromones that contribute to attraction. I personally never wear cologne. I just take showers.

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    It certainly can do that:ever heard of pheromones?Those wil decide if you are attractive to another person.They are in colognes and perfumes too.Combined with your own,it can create a sort of magnet.That it works I am sure of:some will imediately say it to your face:omg"you do smell great",while the same smell does not have any affect on other people.

    Well:iot always worked for me,so..........

    Greetings Rob.

    Btw:you dont need it if I LOOK AT YOUR PIC.

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    I think we take a lot of risk wearing cologne. But like all risk, there can be a big payoff it you get it right or a huge disaster when you get it wrong.

    There are scents that I know I would like my partner to wear - that's what I wear by default hoping it might attract the like minded.

    It's probably best to wear a cologne given to you as a gift by a lover. Its guaranteed to please at least one (the most important one)!

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    Well let's think about this. If you are an ungroomed guy who only takes a shower and shaves every other week, than cologne might make you smell ok but you are still unattractive. Same goes for women. But if you use it after you shower, shave and put on some nice clothes then it can make you attractive and even desirable.

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    Well I personally like tomboy/butch girls who wear men's cologne. I had a kind of slightly tomboyish/ "hard femme" type ex g/f once who wore a cologne/perfume called "Chemistry" by Clinique. I looooved that smell. I called it her "come f**k me cologne". :P I'm not sure if it was a men's cologne or a women's perfume though. But either way, she looked butch and it still smelled really good on her. Like it didn't smell all girly, ya know?

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    if you find someone attractive, their perfume/cologne is just an added pleasure

    and a scent might get your attention toward someone you don't find so attractive (so you sniff and forget it)

    their pheromones are what will grab your attention and hold it so I guess it's your subconscience at work

    (Can you tell that I don't know what the heck I'm talking about!)

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