Sainsbury's swot analysis?

Could anyone help me to do a swot analysis for saisnsbury's. SWOT being strengths, Weaknesses, Opposition and Threats.


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    strengths are

    nector cards for customers

    leading supermarket in the uk

    ranges of products and services such as sainsbury banks ,online shopping

    local shops


    cant really think of any weaknesses


    more staff


    commpetiton with other supermarkets

    staff leaving

    low profit not gaining profit

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    Strengths are that they sell better quality products than most other food stores. Weakness being they are also seen as more expensive than others and don't have the spread(as many) of stores around the country as say Asda/Wallmart and Tesco and perhaps Morrisons.

    The opposition and threats will be competing lower priced stores and shops. Another threat would be a strong and militant Union of workers perhaps who demand higher wages.

    Good luck.

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    Strengths: Percieved as good quality, recent investment in store upgrades, diversification into clothes/electrical/high-tech consumables etc, 'local' stores in garages etc. Nectar card

    Weaknesses: Priced higher than some of the competition, Jamie Oliver's endorsement (seriously - school dinner thing has back fired)

    Opportunities: difficult - fiere competition. Consumers are fickle and trends continuously change (vegetarian, low fat/salt/sugar, organic, good treatment of animals, health scares etc.) so there's always the opportunity to act on the next trend. Requires good strategic marketing.

    Threats: Mighty Tesco, Asda/Wallmart's buying power

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    SWOT and PEST analysis of Sainsbury's:

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    1 decade ago

    Weaknesses: Jamie Oliver's face

  • nads
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    er of the top of my head...


    Brand name

    Economies of Scale


    Limited city centre and out of town growth opportunities


    Every other supermarket on the planet

    Local stores

    Government restrictions


    Every other supermarket on the planet

    The t'internet

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Opportunities, not opposition - tell your teacher

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