wireless router 2nd floor... xbox360 basement. need better reception.?

i get one bar of reception on my xbox360 in my basement.

its ok for streaming audio and video. not close to wired... but ok.

for video games its very laggy. is there something i can do to strengthen the signl... ie. atenna mods? thanks

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    1 decade ago
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    First, try moving the router closer, so there are no solid brick or concrete or steel obstructions. A chimney or file cabinets can really weaken the signal. Keep in mind that it works on a LINE OF SIGHT basis. Also, keep cheap cordless phones away from your router. Right next to it would probably interfere.

    Good luck and Happy Computing!

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  • 3 years ago

    it may artwork, however the sign power and QOS will possibly not unavoidably be as stable as being on the 1st floor. in actuality, you will prefer to centralize that instant router's region between flooring. you need to additionally think touching directly to the partitions the alerts might desire to bypass with the aid of, and additionally super electric powered home equipment alongside with microwave ovens, fridges, and massive TVs. ideally, you would be wanting to purchase a 2nd instant router and run some Cat-5 or Cat-6 cabling to it from the 1st floor instant router.

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  • 1 decade ago

    if you are going to play video games and you want the best performance string a wire ... do not use wireless, it is about 10 times slower than a wired connection, and that is at its best. in your case through a basement wall it might not even work reliably. run a cable instead ... and if you are really adventurous, replace the network cards with Gb copper, and it will be really fast.

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