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Which 2 RB's: Alexander, Addai, Barber, Taylor? Which 3 WR's: Smith, Boldin, Jackson, Henderson?

I need some help here on which players to start this week:

Which 2 of the following RB's should I start? Shaun Alexander, Joseph Addai, Chester Taylor, Marion Barber III

Which 3 of the following WR's should I start? Steve Smith, Darrell Jackson, Anquan Boldin, Devery Henderson

Also, does anyone have any opinions on whether I should start Cutler over Delhomme at QB this week?

Thanks everyone for you help!

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    I got the same rb's, except I have willie parker 2. I'm not playing CTaylor cause of the bears d. Gotta go with Shaun...we waited so long. I'm taking WParker cause of the projections and Addai cause I didn't play him last week. If your in scoring league take Barber III instead.

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    RB: Shaun Alexander & Marion Barber III

    WR: Steve Smith, Darrell Jackson, & Devery Henderson

    QB: Delhomme

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    Alexander, because you never, never bench your Studs.

    Addai, his match up with Tenn is the perfect fit.

    You must have had one H of a draft!

    Steve Smith & Anquan Boldin Never, Never Bench your Studs.

    Even with that aside Smith and Boldin have the best matchups by far.

    Going to stick my neck out on the QB's but not as far as you might think. Delhomme at Eagles this is not a really good matchup for Delhomme.

    Cutler... I have to think the Broncos know what they are doing as he is going to be the starter the rest of the season. Plummer will not be put back in the lineup unless Cutler goes down. My team and these are the QB's I have I start Cutler.

    Somebody picked him up before me or I might have picked him and seen what he is going to do here.

    Frank C

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    Alexander....might have a prolem with Denver Def. But he will have plenty of carries. if cutler falters and throws some INT's Seattle will be on offense more...?? NO

    Taylor will not have a good game against chicago and minn. will play from behind and have to go to the passing game...NO!

    Addai...will get 30 carries 160yds and 2-3 tds this week!

    Tikki should have a good day 25 carries for 110yds and 1-2tds in a losing effort.

    I'm not going into detail here there is no questions...

    Boldin and Henderson

    Delhomme has been terrible of late(see why i didn't pick smith)...try cutler!

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  • Anonymous
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    Shaun Alexander and Joeseph Addai.

    Steve Smith, Darrel jackson and Boldin.

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    i`d start alexander and addai at rb, bench darrell jackson because he is injured and faces a tough broncos defense, and i`d roll the dice with cutler as you must be fed up with delhomme by now.

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    alexander and addai smith boldin and henderson and cutler will have a great week all of these guys had bad weeks last week and will give high #s this week

  • Al J
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    Alexander and Addai

    Smith, Boldin, and Henderson

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    Alexander and Addai.

    Smith, Boldin, and Henderson.


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    Toss up on all RB's and WR's, so go with who you drafted first. Cutler will be fine, because he is a very smart guy who had extra time to prepare.

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