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which is better canon(S3 IS) or sony (DSCH2) or Panasonic(DMC -FZ7)?

i wana buy a digital cam with good optical zoom.

which of the above cams is better


u can use the link

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You already mentioned, but did you read their info? Click on the links for in-depth reviews and owner opinions. You will get far more information there than you can get here. All I can say is that my daughter has an S2 IS and loves it. The flip out monitor on the Canon is cool in that you can hold the camera over your head or down on the sidewalk or over your shoulder and take pictures from unusual angles. I kind of favor the option of using "AA" batteries, because you can stop into any drug store or gorcery to buy a set if your rechargeables die when you are away from home and the Canon and Sony can use "AA" batteries. I think you'll have to handle the cameras and see what you think. The Sony looks like it might feel strange to me...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think the best out of these would be the FZ7. Panasonic are getting onto the digital camera bandwagon and this camera probably has the edge by having a Leica lens. It really is a good lens (made under Leica's stringent quality control) and would give you really sharp pics. But the choice is yours. You are the one who's going to be buying and using, so you have to make the final decision.

    Don't take my word for it. Check out the link below for a review.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    dear friend.. in my view canon S3IS is better among these . even if you ask in comparison to H5

    anyway i'll tell you first difference...

    first main thing in canon and H2 is h2 is having two batteries consumption so it will take some time to load flash after one sparks...

    2nd thing......... focusing compared to s3is is not fast even if you compare fz7

    free angle lcd is very very useful.. once you buy it you'll find its benefit..

    more faster controls to set........

    compared to fz7 and h2

    but h2 is good camera if you think urself just point and shoot picture taker..

    but you know that you can make some adjustment than canon s3is has lots lots.. features hidden inside..

    it is like....... affordable slr like camera.. but not exactly SLR..


    i prefer canon coz i have made side by side comparison .. of canon sony and panasonic..

    i can rate canon 1st..

    but you are tie b/w sony and panasonic..

    AA bateries are not disadvantage but advantage..coz.. its easy to purchase. and if you use .. 2500 mah batteries.. of energizer brand.. then i think this camera without flash can give you more than 200 shots...

    fz7 has main problem. of noise even on iso 200...

    sony h2 ranks first in Iso comparison

    but once you are aware of all the features you'll find canon s3is is the best choice...

    Source(s): I am merchandizer of cameras in hyper market..
  • 1 decade ago

    can you give us a link

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