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what do call the national costume of south korea?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It's called a Han-bok, spelled 한복 in Korean.

    For women, the top piece is a jacket that goes to about midway, a couple inches above the belly button and is called the juh-goh-ri (저고리). The jacket is tied together with a long ribbon (about two inches wide, across and a couple feet long, lengthwise). The skirt is layered below, with many layers of skirts, and it is called a chih-mah (치마):

    First you put on the initial layer, now a days, it has a poofy (and very itchy) layer thats similar to what is layered underneath a prom dress to make it poof out. Then you put on a white "skirt", it's actually a dress that has straps, kind of like spaghetti-straps. It's made out of cotton. Another skirt is put on, this time with a color that is coordinated with the juh-goh-ri. Finally, the juh-goh-ri is put on top of the skirt ensemble.

    There are also "shoes" to this, they're pointy looking white cotton anklets, that cover your anklets and they're called dutt-buh-suhn (덧버선).

    Another accessory is the charms made of jade and traditional hand-knotting called noh-ri-gae (노리게), and they are hung from the long ribbons of the juh-goh-ri.

    Here's a link with pictures:

    Hope that helps!

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    1 decade ago


    Although most people prefer Western clothes like suits and jeans, the national costume, hanbok, is worn by many during national holidays. Traditionally, people wore white clothes, reserving colors for the upper class or during festive occassions. Rubber shoes and sandals have been replaced by designer shoes and sneakers; however, even these are removed when entering a house or other area where shoes are not permitted. The Cultural Spotlight area has an in-depth section on Traditional Clothing.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's called a hanbok (say the "a" as in "father", the "o" as in "toe").

    It's a two part costume, a "jacket" over a robe. It's not a kimono (which is Japanese - clearly the first "answerer" is an ignoramus) which is a one piece item. The Japanese do have something similar called a hakima which is a jacket-like top worn over a very loose pant, but the hakima is men's clothing and the kimono is women's. The hanbok is worn by both men and women.


  • 1 decade ago

    i think you're talking about a 'han bok'. it's the traditional-style clothing worn during their holiday 'chu sok'.

    Source(s): i live in busan, south korea
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  • 1 decade ago

    한복=hahn-bohk (phonetically)

    Usually it's written hanbok.

    Source(s): i know plenty about korea...
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    1 decade ago


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