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Did you see that Toronto is adopting a much criticized sanctuary policy? Did you know it's Canada's first?

Did you know that THEIR border agency is calling the move a 'threat to security'?

Why don't we have this kind of outcry at sanctuary cities here?

Legalization is a whole separate issue, but whatever is done with those here, we have to stop more from coming illegally. What does it say when our police aren't allowed to enforce the law?



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    1 decade ago
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    Thank you very much for presenting this news article here, DAR. I am dual citizenship, born American and naturalized Canadian, living in Canada and this is the very first that I heard of this situation in Toronto. I check Yahoo Canada as well as Yahoo USA news several times a day, every day, and never saw this article, so it must not have been on the Yahoo Canada home page of their website for very long when it was posted.

    I can tell you that it has been my observation that whatever the USA is experiencing at any given time, the same experience usually flows up into Canada before too long. Canada does not presently have the huge illegal immigration situation that the USA does and it stands to reason because geographically we are not as easily accessible by Mexico and Central America in the way that the USA is. Canada's illegal immigrants, for the most part, tend to be from Europe and Asia and they are usually visa overstayers more so than people sneaking illegally across our borders. These people often have wealth and/or already have family members legally in the country who also came with wealth. Therefore, they usually are entrepreneurial immigrants who open up their own businesses and then are able to employ their illegal relatives who come over later and do so without registering them with the government for paying taxes, etc. Therefore, these illegal immigrants more often manage to stay below the immigration radar and are much quieter about their presence in Canada than are the Mexican and Central American illegal immigrants who are in the USA today.

    Now and then, I hear stories here of such things as, for instance, East Indians who own a huge blueberry farm and have all their illegal immigrant relatives working for them, sometimes using shared SIN numbers of the few legal immigrant family members and then they will "lay off" their workers and have them apply for Employment Insurance, meanwhile continuing to have them work on the blueberry farm while collecting EI.

    However, I believe Canada is more and more now getting illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America, as well, as they are starting to head up to Canada after years of living in the USA, probably also interested in our "universal medical" program, free education, etc. I believe that, before long, you will hear more and more of the same types of stories happening in Canada as what the USA currently has.

    Canada is doing the same thing that the people of the USA have done for so many years - keeping their heads in the sand about the number of illegal immigrants here and eventually we will get the same big rude awakening that the USA is now having when suddenly there are enough of them that they will start banding together and marching in the streets, demanding rights, amnesty, etc. It's coming, I guarantee it!

    At this point, I know that illegal immigrants are using our medical services, same as they are in the USA. I believe they share ID information to take advantage of our free medical, i.e. several people using the same ID of a legal immigrant relative. Same thing with their children in our schools - I don't believe they have to prove residency to put their children in our schools. We give free ESL to immigrant children here, too.

    It's just that, as Canada has a much smaller population than the USA does (something like 30 million), it is easier for things like SIN (Canada's equivalent to the USA's SSN) numbers to be more easily monitored by the government and so fraudulency is caught more quickly, so we have less of the "stolen/fraudulent" SIN number thing happening, at this point.

    However, it won't be long before our small businesses and large businesses start taking advantage of the huge savings to be had by hiring illegal immigrants, same as in the USA, and we will be hearing more and more complaints about illegal immigrants affecting our labor market, depressing wages, putting honest small contractors out of business because they cannot compete with those businesses who hire the cheap, under-the-table slave labor of illegal immigrants, such as in construction, agriculture and the service industries. And watch, as in the USA, our products will NOT become suddenly cheaper because of the use of cheap illegal immigrant workers because it will be the employers pocketing the savings, not passing them on to the consumer - same as in the USA!

    At this point, there are very few Hispanic immigrants, legal or illegal, in Canada. However, in the area where I live which is Vancouver, BC, there has been a growing problem that is in the news now and then of Central American and Mexican crack dealers in the downtown areas, so it seems that these people, when they come to Canada (usually after being in the USA first) illegally, tend to go into the growing illicit drug industry.

    At this point, as well, I have not heard of any Hispanic gangs here. We have a problem with the Indo/Asian gangs and they are usually involved with illegal drugs and more and more in our local news are reports of drug wars with these people and shootings in night clubs and in the streets, related to this. However, with the growing Hispanic drug dealers here, it is only a matter of time before the MS 13, 18, etc. make their presence known here, too. They will have to have it out or come to some agreement with the Hells Angels and the Indo/Asian gangs, though, as they are the current bosses of most of the illegal drug activity here, at this point. Ha!

    Sorry to go on so, here, but I love your postings and I truly empathize with you and all the anti-illegal immigrant posters here. Believe me, we'll be getting more and more of the same here in Canada, too. I don't believe Canada has ever done a "blanket amnesty" thing before, as the USA has done several times, so we at least don't have that enticement here for illegals. However, though I am also not certain, I believe that any child born in Canada receives automatic Canadian citizenship, so that "anchor baby" thing, I believe, happens here, as well, though you don't hear about it in the same way that you do in the US, so maybe I am wrong about that. That is another thing I wish the USA would do away with - the anchor baby law is a big lure to illegal immigrants. It had its purpose back in the days, but the purpose is obsolete now and should be taken off the books. I believe a person should only receive citizenship in the country if at least one parent is a legal citizen, no exceptions.

    Have a nice weekend!

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    1 decade ago

    Canada has a very immigrant friendly policy....Why is it all of a sudden a threat? From my understanding, they are seeking immigrants from all over the world, due to their aging population....My in laws moved to Canada, they made it so much easier than coming here to the States....A few years back, they used to even offer incentives, like land....I guess every city has there own experience with immigrants, legal or illegal and adopt policies from the experiences they have from immigrants....

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    im curious where do the majority of illegals immigrate from right theyr in canada

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