What's the highest IQ possible?

Mine's 124. Is that high?

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    There have been people with IQ's in the range of 205, which is incredible since Albert Einsteins was only 189. Yours at 124 is very good. For reference 140 is considered genius level. I can't remember her first name, but the wife of Dr. Jarvik (the artificial heart guy), had an IQ of 205, and really impressed me when I met her in 86. Hope that helps, although i'm not really sure what would be considered the ceiling IQ rating.

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      Technically a genius has an IQ over 145 (three standard deviations over the mean, which is 100), but 124 is considered Superior. Most cognitive scientist don't really believe standard IQ tests truly measure intelligence, though, as the test doesn't measure a lot of genuine kinds of intelligence.

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    Whats The Highest Iq

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    You're above average. :) Good for you.

    The usual ranking is...

    145 or higher - Genius

    130-144 - Gifted

    125-129 - Superior

    115-124 - High average

    100-114 - Average/Normal

    85-99 - Below average

    70-84 - Borderline

    55-69 - Moron

    40-54 - Imbecile

    25-49 - Severely challenged

    10-24 - Idiot

    I'm not really sure what the highest IQ ever is but I think it's

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe with 210. His IQ would be 188 with the Flynn Effect, nonetheless, it's still high.

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    There's loads of different scales. Some go up and stop at 155 while some have no technical limit. Usually that would be considered above average. The highest I could find was a 205

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    The IQ test started quite a few years ago and was given to kids to see what potential they had. The scoring was set up like this;

    The test was given to 10 year olds,

    If they had a normal IQ, their test score was 100.

    If their test score was 85, that meant they were 10 years old but mentally equivalent to an 8 1/2 year old kid.

    If your score was 110, as a ten year old they scored as an 11 year old.

    The test scores have been adjusted now for older people. Age is a consideration for the test.

    Genius is usually considered 145 or higher. I think the MENSA accepts 130 or over, which is considered the upper 2% of the population. An I.Q. over 200 is not measurable.

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    I think the highest is like 200, but I think you can also be such a genius in theory that you could have an unmeasurable I.Q. If IQ is below 70 your really stupid and may be considered legally retarded. 100 or so is probally about average. Your 124 is really good and is above the average but to be considered a genius by MENSA your IQ would probally have to be like 160.

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    There technically is no upper limit, as it is a test.

    I know a woman who as a kid, had an IQ of 217, and she knows a couple people who are higher, the highest was 250 or so i think, but, theoretically, 250-300 is the upper limit.

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    Most results fall into ranges. Greater than 125 is the highest range listed on Wikipedia. As far as I can see, most graphs don't go above 140.

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    That's pretty good, Erica! I'm not sure there is an exact highest number, but you're above average!

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