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Paypal question?

how does paypal work

and is the account the thing where you log in with

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    Paypal is a place where you can open up an account and transfer money into. Once you add money in a paypal account, you can pay for things and receive money anywhere that offers paypal service. Ebay is famous for paypal and I think that is where it got its fame from. As long as you have money in there, you can buy things. It is set up just like a bank account. When you buy something, you would be redirected to paypal in most cases and then you would log into your account to pay for the item. Try it out, it isn't too complicated.

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    I can give you a link that deals with Payapl & Ebay transactions through Paypal. PayPal is one of the most popular online money transfer systems widely used for online auctions, pay to surf programs, e-books and purchase of low value goods. It is now a part of the online auction website eBay. More details available at

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    Yes the account thing is where you log in

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    contrary to the first person you do not need money in your account you can add credit card and bank accounts to it and make payments for anything especially ebay. You can send and recieve using any credit card or bank account this just makes it safer and easier

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