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Is the food industry responsible for the problem of obesity in America?

This is my modern oratory question and I need opinions and reasons.

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    In moral terms, yes, in the same way car manufacturers are morally responsible for traffic fatalities or weapons manufacturers, for war-related deaths. In legal terms, the courts (so far) don't think so.

    A lot of blame for the obesity lies squarely with the school system. Instead of building smaller schools to which the majority of children can walk, bike, or, if necessary, take public transportation, American education authorities insist on building monstrous megaschools with thousands of students in them and busing students in and out. (About the only reason for that I can think of is that a bigger school can have a better football team, because larger selection pool means greater probability of finding enough athletes to comprise a winning team... The thought of separating competitive sports from schools, obvious to a lot of people in Europe and Asia, is yet to take hold in America...)

    Societal attitudes do contribute, too. In Europe or Japan, a ten-year-old riding a bus or a commuter train without an accompanying adult is a common occurrence. Children can move about on their own and attend all sorts of activities without having to ask their parents to drive them around. In most of the U.S., public transportation is regarded as a service for the underclass, so children are locked in homes instead...

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    No, Food industries were always there, and continue to be there.

    But the limitation of time today in people's lives are causing the obesity in America.

    The lesser the time to prepare a satisfying meal the more calories they have, thus in direct co-relation to time and preparation of food generates more obesity.

    Think about it, there are restaurants and fast foods all over the world, how come USA is the only country that is heavier by 40% than it was 10 years ago. Other countries don't have life in the fast lane as much as we do here in America.

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    No. People shoving food in their mouths are the obesity problems. The same ones aren't getting enough exercise either. It's all about choice. The cheetos and burgers are out there, but that doesn't mean go buy them! If folks want to eat healthy they can. It's no more expensive than buying value meals and junk food. If it's genetics, then that person should have a professional opinion on how to maintain a steady healthy weight because everyday will be a struggle.

    Now the food industry could certainly polish it's image by offering more choices of healthful foods and products. But if fat sells, then that is what's going to be produced. Fatty good yum-yums. And people, especially kids, will buy them. I hope this helped you out.

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    no. the problem is behavioral. if humans were required to put their mouths on a mechanical teat three times a day and consume whatever and however much food was poured in their gut, then I could see an argument against the food industry. otherwise, it's an issue of personal accountability -- a proper diet and good exercise will do 99% of the bodies out there a great deal of good. so i really don't see an argument that the food industry is creating obese humans.

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    To some extent. The Food Industry's main concern is profit, not your health. The more that you eat, the more $$ they make. Have you noticed that when obese people are interviewed on TV regarding excessive weight, they avoid asking them, "How much do you eat". The "Main" cause of obesity is overeating but the food industry has no problem with it. They love and, silently support it. Those "100 Calorie Packs" are not there as an aid to weight loss, they have higher profit margins than the regular packed same item.

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    I think if the U.S. is a communist country, then you can blame on food industry and stop them, but we are not.

    Demand is what makes us fat, well, I'm not fat yet. That means, fast foods and unhealthy instant foods arrived in the U.S. because people wanted something that can be made fast. Our lifestyles are too rigid and fast paced. We don't have culture like France or Italy so we adopt to new and efficient ways of doing things faster. So, we can get out of obesity by demanding alternatives to greasy and unhealthy foods. You can see that people demand healthier foods and activists are moving strong against obesity, therefore, we are seeing elimination of trans fat in many states. The food industry is only doing what you want them to do. They produce because there is demand, if there is no more demand, then they will always shift their production to more healthier products.

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    I think that the food industry is trying to help people by serving more healthy food. I believe in time they will even offer vegetable hamburgers. It would be great if fast food restaurants served a few vegetables rice salads and slaw. Fried squash or okra instead of french fries. Even vegetables that were not fried. A person can order a chicken sandwich or a biscuit with jelly and if we over eat we can only blame ourselves. People have gone out to eat for a very long time so why blame someone else for what you order and put in your mouth and eat. Food is like deodorant or toothpaste or religion it is a personal thing. People need to tend to their own business! At least at a restaurant people are usually nice.

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    No. The food industry has just provided products that meet consumer's demands. Overall life has become more hectic and people have little time to plan and prepare healthy meals. Another factor is the average American works at least 5-6 more a week than he did 20 years ago. This has deprived his time for exercise.

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    No it's the fat lazy @ss americans fault, who's putting a gun to your head to go eat it , it's the same as buying groceries you see fat obese people buy fat foods while you look at a fit person all they have is healthy foods so fat people should shut their fat @ss up and put a cork in their mouth and start tryin to sue or blame the food industry.

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    A BIG NO.People should be more careful for what they eat and drink.Food Industry is not to be blamed.The Obesity is due to Indigestion and lack of Exercises in day to day Life..

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