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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 1 decade ago

How have outside forces contributed to Colombia's conflict?

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    1 decade ago
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    My wife is Colombian (Born and raised in Colombia...met in School in Hawaii...just has recently moved here to the US...she is 37 and I am 33...) and I will tell you what I know...The US has helped the Colombian Government in many ways...first they help them get rid of Escobar which unfortunately led to the rise of the FARC (The FARC was fighting Pablo too) We did this to try to stop the flow of drugs into the US...but after he was gone the FARC took over his drug business in many places...the Paramilitary groups came about to fight the FARC...and now part of the country is controlled by the FARC and the various Paramilitary the US is helping the Colombian government by providing training to it's soldiers and officers in fighting the other groups to help the government control the entire country ( and in some cases helping them fight, but this would only be SF and CIA doing this)...the FARC and the Paramilitary do not control the big cities like Bogota, but the country regions mostly in the drug growing regions near Brazil and Ecuador...I have not seen this first hand because I have only been to Bogota and the surrounding area, this is just what she has told me...I can tell you there is a large military and police presents in Bogota...I felt safer there and never felt any Anti American sentiment...unlike when I was in the Republic of Korea...for what I have been told and have seen most Colombians welcome the US help because they know it is going to help their economey and get rid of the groups murdering innocent civilians....

    Source(s): Wife is Colombian
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    Prohibition in the US 1919-1933 did for Chicago.

    What illegal drugs do to Columbia now.

    The prohibition of drugs has globalised the racketeering that was present in the US 1919-33.

    The greatest threats to Columbia comes from official corruption caused by drug money, from marxist groups funded by drugs money, drug cartels, and landowners private armies funded by drugs money.

    The other consequence is enormous US military effort in it's war on drugs.

    The U.S. federal government spent over $19 billion dollars in 2003 on the War on Drugs, at a rate of about $600 per second. The budget has since been increased by over a billion dollars.

    If the level of destruction scene globally as a consequence of creating a market in illegal drugs occured in the cities of the US the US would be force to repeal anti-drug laws as it did in 1933 over Probition.

    The scale of the horror apparent in US cities is multiplied many times over in the hot spots of the gobal drugs trade.

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    1 decade ago

    The drug cartel runs the country and the USA has cooperated with them to destroy the communist (Cuba and China) backed guerillas in the region. So as usual local warlords play for favorites with the big guys to their own benefit and the poor everyday citizen is screwed.

  • 1 decade ago

    They really don't need any help in that department. Outside forces are there to simply try to do something about something that wouldn't change anyway.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    they buy thier drugs

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