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How do you rank these Anna Faris movies?

These are movies by the awesome actress,

Anna Faris. Please either rank in the order you like

them, or comment on them, or even how much you hate

any of them or Anna herself (this last one, however, will put

me into a manic rage and I will take it out on my family).

This is my ranking

1. May (awesome movie)

2. Just Friends

3. Scary Movies (1-4 and soon 5)

4. My Super Ex-Girlfriend

5. The Hot Chick

6. Waiting

7. Lost in Translation

8. Brokeback Mountain

9 Southern Belles (yikes)

I only liked the first three, but I like her in everything...

including me (oops, other way around on that).

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    1. The Hot Chick

    2. Scary Movies (1-4)

    3. May

    4. Just Friends

    5. Waiting

    6. Lost in Translation

    8.Brokeback Mountain

    9.Southern Belles

    I've only seen up 2. I have to see the rest. But i think she's really cool. I think she was really cute in The Hot Chick.

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    My ranking is

    1 Brokeback Mountain

    2 The Hot Chick

    3 Scary Movie (1-4)

    4 Just Friends

    5 Waiting

    6 Lost In Translation

    7 My Super Ex Girlfriend

    8 May

    9 Southern Belles

    The last 4 i havent seen yet but i also really like the way she played the character in Friends the surrocate mother for Chandler and Monica

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