Where can I buy interlocking foam/rubber flooring around Montreal, Qc locally? (ie for home gym floor)?

I am looking to purchase interlocking foam or rubber flooring for a home gym. I am based in Montreal, Quebec and I need to find a vendor that is local to this area from whom I can buy. I would consider going as far as Ottawa to the west and Quebec City to the north but would prefer not buying from the USA due to having to pay additional fees (duty at border, etc).

Some examples of the product or similar products that I am interested in:




The specs are pretty simple. I am looking for something that will cover an area of 15 feet by 13 feet. It needs to be durable, shock absorbent as the type of gym I will be doing on it is intense aerobics and plyometrics (lots of jumping around, need to protect my joints/back as current flooring is cement). Thanks!

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    1 decade ago
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    Any of the large home improvement stores should carry those. Here, Lowes and Home Depot carry them.

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    try going to johnsonite.com.they manufacture rubber flooring products etc..

    Source(s): 18 years exp. have ordered through them before
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