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Does anybody want to answer my questions on food additives?

1) Should Food Additives be used to alter the texture or appearence of


2) Are there positive or negitive consequences to using food

addditives? Why?

3) What is your view onusing food additives to enhance taste?

4) Are food additives potentially harmful?

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    1. There are some additives used in cake mixxes that make a better product. I do not think that color should be added to things. Some people are allergic to the colors. (my husband and my dog) There are natural colors that can be used. Beet juice for instance for red.There are natural flavorings that can be used.

    2. Some additives are preservatives and they do make food last longer and prevent food poisoning. There has been research into ADD and ADHD being affected by food additives, particularly colors.

    3. Some people are allergic to MSG ised to enhance flavor. (me) it is the cause of "Chinese Restaurant" headache

    4. On the whole they are not potentially harmful, but I think we could use far fewer.We could stick to natural ones.

    Source(s): nutritionist , many courses in food chemistry
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