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Are frozen vegetables bad for the body?

Just want to ask if those frozen vegetables that can be bought on the grocery are good or bad? Is it better to stick to fresh vegetables?

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    When purchased from a grocery store, frozen vegetables are as nutritious and sometimes more nutritious than fresh fruits and veggies. The reason is that fresh fruits have been sitting for several days in transit before they reach the store and then usually sit for a few days in your house, that whole time, they are losing nutritional value.

    Frozen veggies are usually packed frozen shortly after being picked and therefore maintain their nutritional value. Studies have shown this, check out the link below.

    Canned vegetables can have similar nutritional value preservation, but some compounds like vitamin C break down during the heating process in canning.

    Fresh fruits have historically been viewed as being most nutritious, and it is true if you grow it yourself, pick and eat. But if you're heading to a grocery store, head for the frozen foods for nutrition.

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    Actually the frozen vegetables are very good for you, and probably more nutritious than what the same store is selling as "fresh". Vegetables begin to lose nutritional value as soon as they are removed from the plant, and if what you see in the shops are more than a few days from the farm, they really aren't fresh and have lost a significant amount of the vitamins and minerals they had. Frozen vegetables are normally those taken from the field directly to a processing plant, prepared and frozen often within a day of being picked. In some cases it can be only a matter of hours. The process of freezing stops the nutritional loss, so you get more of what you are eating the veggies for to begin with. On the other hand, if you are buying from the farmer or a farmer's market, fresh produce in season is an excellent choice as well. Once the fresh season is past though, your best choice nutritionally speaking is the frozen product. A side precaution would be to avoid packages that have obviously been thawed and refrozen, showing frost buildup on the outside, or all clumped together in the bag.

    Another reason to choose frozen over canned is that veggies can be frozen as is, without adding salt or other seasonings. Although you can purchase canned veg without added salt, you pay more for the priviledge and the veggies are often overcooked or taste somewhat metallic. Frozen veg can be cooked to your personal taste preference, without any added metal taste and with the seasoning you prefer. For the most part, a frozen vegetable is the next best thing to truly fresh food you grew yourself. Beyond that, it probably even edges out the stuff from the farmer's market, though only slightly. During the winter months, it is really the best choice.

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    Frozen vegetables are almost the same as fresh vegetables in regard to nutrition and taste. Frozen vegetables are much better than canned vegetables.

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    that's undesirable because of the fact i've got finished it before whilst i replace into youthful. i could no longer locate something to consume at some point and that i observed the bag of frozen peas and desperate to easily lots on it right now out of the bag. some hours later, I have been given sick. frozen end result are completely distinctive. this is like eating a popsicle or freshly picked fruit from a tree or vine, purely you may desire to bathe it first, of direction. Canned peas, you are able to consume right now out of the can with out subject. i think of there is a few thing in the frozen peas that could desire to make you sick if no longer cooked thoroughly.

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    All fruits are fruit and vegetables. A "vegetable" is a plant, any part of which can be used for food.

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    In the superstore, fruits are usually picked out far too soon. Some are rocks, many are bad. Some of the fresh vegetables are right (zucchini, onions, garlic, lettuce, greens, and a few others) so I'd have to go with vegetables.

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    Not at all, sometimes fresh contain slightly more vitamins, but both are good.

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