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Aggresive dogs?

I just recently moved in with my boyfriend and we both have dogs. I have two miniature daushunds male and female and my boyfriend has a male german Shepard/ Pittbull mix. When we first introduced them to each other it was a little shaky but eventually they got along. The next day it turned into a war zone with the two male dogs. The German Shepard wouldnt leave the other male dauchund alone, he followed him around everywhere he went. My dog was so scared he started hiding under the bed , in cabinets, under blankets which just provoked the German Shepard more. Day three I had to take them to my parents until we can figure something out because MY anxiety was so high and the dogs were so tramautized they wouldnt stop shaking. Is there anything I could do that they could possibly start getting along?

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    ask ceasar millan for help...or watch his videos....

    the thing is that you guys are generating negative energy because you are worried that he might hurt your dog....and this cause them to do what you worry about....but if you can act in a calm and assertive way...and show them that you are dominant...

    cesar millan's video changed my life....my dog (german sheperd) used to attack me....just being plain agressive....

    its really about the: ''im in charge,im the pack leader''

    go have a look....it will definetely help!

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    I went through this with Doberman Pinschers and I will never experience it again!!! Very stressful!!!! It's a dominant thing between two males. I would never let the two males together again. Especially since the one is so much bigger than the other. I'd be scared to death that the smaller one would lose his life to the bigger dog. I'd for sure never leave them in the house alone together. I had to take one of my dobies to the ER Vet to get stitched up one time.You talk about anxiety try breaking up two full grown Dobermans!!!!! I'd do whatever I had to even if I was putting myself in harms way before I would stand back and let any of my dogs kill the other. I feel for you and I hope you are able to work this out some how. Good luck.

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    Dog on dog aggression (dog on animal aggression really) is common in pitbulls, so take this into account if this is a pitbull mix.

    Male to male or female to female aggression is more common than opposite sex aggression.

    Get all of the dogs, and I mean all, spayed and neutered if they aren't already. Purchase an affordable spay/neuter certificate for each of them that you can use at your local vet from http://www.friendsofanimals.org

    I also highly suggest crating the pitbull mix when the other dogs are out. And NEVER leave them together unsupervised...even if they seem to get along well. You never know when something will spark a confrontation and you come home to a tragedy.

    Good luck. We do a lot of crating her, we have a multi-pitbull home, as well as a couple of mixes.


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    I have three dogs myself, I have an american bulldog that gets along with the other dogs but my pittbull mix and my chocolate lab don't get along at all. Try bringing the two dogs that don't get along on walks together and praise both of them when they show no aggression toward one another, the shephard pitt is probably sensing the fear in the dauschund and some dogs like to exploit that. If you can get the dauschund more relaxed around the bigger dog it may help the problem, unfortunately my lab is somewhat skittish and I have to keep the two seperated.

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    A canines-aggressive canines ought to under no circumstances be further to a canines park. Plus, you're literally not helping through putting him on a leash, both. It likely makes him even extra less than pressure out, which will damage your practise efforts interior the lengthy-run. some canines can basically under no circumstances be effectively round different canines. Akitas fantastically are really one-human being canines, to the in certain situations risky exclusion of each person else, human or canines. Huskies or perhaps GSDs is often canines-aggressive breeds. you're already taking off off with a mixture of breeds widely used to have aggression themes. Assuming you are able to prepare it out is risky - conceivable with some canines, to be particular, yet risky. paintings with a coach who focuses on aggressive and dominant canines. Be very agency and extremely consistent in what your coach tells you to do. interior the period in-between, stick with leashed walks. good success :)

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