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boyfriend problem! please help?

okay, i've been going out with my boyfriend for about almost seven months and like usual, we go through problems too of course, i found out on the thrid month we've been going out, that he was going out with this chick via online [myspace] for about two weeks on the first month we were going out and i caught him redhanded lying to me and talking to that chick telling her that tell ME that they weren't going out at the time he was with me, because i doubted him and he got really mad. and i forgave him for that, it's not almost the seven month and a couple days ago, i was arguing with my best friend and talking to her online, and she asked me if i knew EVERYTHING that happened. and im like, at least i think so, and she said,well, he was planning on going out with ME when you were about to break up with him, he planned it all out. and it just pisses me off how he can do that, i talked to him about it and i told him that i wanna break up with you and he can't take it as an answer


whenever i talk to him about it, he just gets REALLY pissed that we end up screaming at each other and him hurting himself because he doesn't want to hit me, and whenever i bring it up he accuses me of doing it on purpose,and changes the topic right away, and i don't like it!

**he says that my best friend kept on bugging him about going out with her, so he said he will.

**on the other hand, my best friend told me that he told her that he WANTS HER.

**i don't know who to believe and i don't know what to do.

**should i break up with him or stay with him? and if i do stay with him, how am i supposed to deal with this?

**one time, they hung out together, just both of them and he just told her, "remember about that thing i told you the other day? [i want you] and she said, yeah, what about it? and he's just gave her a "look" and i don't know who to believe [my best friend says it's a you-know-what-i-mean look and my boyfriend says it's a come-on-you-gotta-be-kidding look] confused

Update 2:

he told me that if i broke up with hime he said these exact words : "break up with me and i promise you, i'll kill myself and you'll see my name in the obituaries, i dare you to [to break up with me]"

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    this one is a tuffy because it envolves your friend and your boyfriend. First of all your guy is obioviously not interested in you anymore. you need to dump him no matter how much you like him because all he is doing you is hurting you. You need someone better someone who won't hit on your friends. Now don't always believe your friends because they to can lie. But don't shut her out. listen to her side and just tell her what you think if she goes psycho and keeps blaming everything on him then she more likely flirted back with your boyfriend and doesn't want you to find out because you are friends. Leave this problem mutual dump your boyfriend but let your friend now you are hurt. she'll realize that she was wrong and will stop what every she has going on with your boyfriend. Then you boyfriend will be the loser and will end up with neither of ya'll. As for the girl on My Space don't blame the other girl cause the majority of the time they don't know the guy is taken until much later when they have already fallen for him. Hoped i Helped.

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    Sounds like time to move on. This is games, he's not ready for a true relationship. You shouldn't at all feel threatened by your friend or boyfriend in a relationship. He hasn't grown up enough yet. Sorry, but you might want to get out before he does play around with someone who says yes. Do you trust your friend to know she is really telling you the truth? Really think about it. Good luck and my best wishes.

    This sounds very sick, you need to run, if he is manipulating you now, how will it be later. Thats truely manipulative to even threaten his life for you to feel guilty. If you truly want to get out, and you fear he will do something wrong. Tell his parents your plans beforehand, tell them what he says, then the responsibility of his welfare will be up to them. If he thinks he can control you by this childish threat, what is down the road when you have 3 kids and other responsibilities and he throws a threat like that in. So sorry, but he does need some growing up to do!

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    I think you are dating a man who does not know what he wants. Is he still crazy about girls, in my experience I have realise that when men start cheating on girls they are unstoppable until they stop it themselves. Ask yourself if he deserve you or if you deserve to be hurt.

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