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is there anything i can download that will sharpen my pictures and fix the lighting?

concert pictures....but i was close.

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    You can google online and find lots of them (some being just trials, but some are the whole thing). I'm surprised you're computer didn't come with one! Also, if you were to get a photo cd from walmart after developing film, on that cd is a program called Picture it.

    Here's some others I know of. (yep...through google)

    If you don't want to download any programs, you could always go to and make an account. Just upload your pics and edit them through there. Plus, you can have orders sent right to your house.

    Good luck!

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    For free there is gimp. It is not the best of programs but you can find many communities at lj which support it and offer helpful hints. I suggest if you plan on buying anything to go for Paint shop pro. Because photoshop is extremely expensive, a bit nicer but paint shop pro is more afordable and yea... If it is just a one time thing for these photos I suggest just getting a trial of either Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro

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    Here's a cool program that lets you do all kinds of lighting adjustments. It's Picasa 2 offered by Google. It's totally free and safe. I've had it for months. Just click on features to see if you think it might be what you're looking for.


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    I have been using Paint Shop Pro for over 7 years and have done all the upgrades. I am using psp10 right now and love it. It has endless ways of processing photos, painting, drawing and so much more. Get a free 30 day trial d/l . :)


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    You can get a free program that is almost as powerful as Photoshop. It's called GIMP.

    Go here for details

    and here to download it

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    Well to do that with pictures you need photo shop which is like $700.00

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    Are you wondering how to downoad for free Picasa? You can get it for free here

    You should definitly try it

    Hope it helps.

  • 1 decade ago free download from google..easy to use and fun!! good luck

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