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What are the requirements to get into UNH?

I want to know like what I have to take in high school, what kind of extracurricular activities I have to do, my grades, SAT scores, and also other things like cost. Stuff like that. Thanks.

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    Here's the information you're looking for:

    Just for future reference, the fastest and most reliable way to get admissions information for any college or university is to go directly to the school's website, then to it's undergraduate admissions link. Do not rely on information given elsewhere - go to the college's website itself!

    Most college website addresses are set up like this:

    Name of So, the main site for UNH is

    If you can't find a site this way, google the college name. Alternatively, here is a list of all links to most of the colleges in the U.S.:

    Carolyn Lawrence,

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