Will the Braves ever be able to recover after there streak was snapped to the N.Y Mets? why?

Also.. Will the Braves ever be able to do good in the playoffs? After winning the division 15 years straight but never or (in awhile) getting to the playoffs?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I guess you can say it this way, "I hope the N.Y Mets had a good time, because they are not going to win that division for a while." I think the Braves are going to have an incredible season next year - like they have had in the past.

    Why have the Braves been so good, for so long? Well that would be the Bullpen. The problem last year for Atlanta was that they didn't have a bullpen. Their lineup and offense last year, and even their defense was almost unmatched - but without a bullpen to finish games, very few games are going to result with a W (win).

    What is fun about the Braves is they take young players and raise and train them into outstanding athletes. It isn't the Yankees, who can afford to buy an All-Star team every year.

    I could go on and on about the talent on the Braves team, like Chipper Jones, Jeff Francouer, Andrew Jones, Marcus Giles, Adam Laroche, Brian McCann, etc..., but the thing is, we have so much potential in the Bullpen - the Braves had a lot of key injuries last year that obviously made a difference.

    So, what do I think of all this? Well, it is simple, the Braves are going to definetly make the playoffs. But this is where the next problem is, they have struggled in the playoffs. I think it is all going to change this year. Once they get the Bullpen figured out (and they will this year), there is no stopping the Atlanta Braves!

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    1 decade ago

    The Braves have a great farm system. I think the Mets will be the division champs for a while but the Braves need some help. New pitching and experience. The Braves can be a pretty good team in the future...like in the past few years. And when it comes to playoff time. The Braves have bad luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think the Braves are well positioned to be back on track next year. I'm going to wait and see what happens in the offseason before I make predictions, but they're looking real good now in my opinion.

    The Braves really don't have any glaring needs that need to be met. They could probably use at least one more good bullpen arm. Due to the contracts free agent relievers have been getting recently, they will probably look to trade to fulfill this need.

    They could perhaps use an upgrade at second base, as Giles' offensive production has declined for three consecutive seasons. But he's due to make $3 million in 2007, it would hard to find a better bargain. There's been talk of trading him, and I don't think that would be a bad idea if they could ink Ray Durham to a short-term deal. When his time is up, Prado or Aybar would be ready to start.

    Andruw is perhaps the most productive centerfielder in baseball. I think Francoeur could have a big year. The guy has 40 HR potential. A platoon of Langerhans or Thorman and Matt Diaz in left gives nice production at a low price.

    At first, LaRoche is another solid young player who has 40 HR potential. And he's Gold Glove-caliber in the field.

    Renteria is an above average shortstop. And then there's Chipper, of course. I'd say keeping him healthy is definitely key. You've got Prado, Orr, and Aybar who can spell him. McCann was the most productive catcher in the majors last year, surpassing even Mauer in my opinion.

    That's a heck of a lineup.

    As far as starters, you've got Smoltz, Hudson, and Chuck James. Horacio Ramirez is a nice guy to have in the back of a rotation. Mike Hampton might be healthy again. I wouldn't count on Kyle Davies but he could have a bounce back year. And Glavine looks to be 50/50 between Atlanta and New York right now.

    I'd give the Braves about a 90% chance for a return to the playoffs next year, but again, that's unofficial - Have to wait and see how things play out before opening day.

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