just downloaded an update, now my screen has no space to type if i'm on pogo. how do I cancel & get my screne

how do i cancel and get back to my old screen

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    I went through this recently here is what you need to do :

    The Game screens on Club Pogo are the wrong size!


    Actually, we changed the size of the windows on purpose. Since there are no ads on Club Pogo, we got rid of the top portion of the window where the ad banner used to load. The amount of space the actual game portion takes up is the same on both. However, the longer and shorter shape of the window is startling some people.

    However, if you can't see or use part of the game because it's being cut off by the window, please click the 'Contact Us' tab above to send us an e-mail and let us know about the problem. If you can take a screenshot of it and attach that to your e-mail, that'd be great. Here are some instructions to help you:

    To take the screenshot:

    To save a screenshot on a Windows PC, simply hit the 'PRINT SCREEN' (or PRTSCRN) key when the screen you want to save appears. The Print Screen key is usually located above the arrow keys on most keyboards.

    To save the screenshot:

    Click the 'START' button.

    Choose 'RUN'.

    Type 'MSPAINT' in the text field.

    Click the [RUN] button and Microsoft Paint will open.

    Once PAINT has opened, click the 'EDIT' menu and click 'PASTE'.

    It may ask if you want to enlarge the bitmap, go ahead and click YES.

    Once the screen appears, click 'File' on the top menu, then 'Save'

    Give the file a name, and choose '.jpg' or 'jpeg' as the file type.

    Click [save] and make sure to save the file somewhere on your computer where you can find it.

    To send us the screenshot:

    Head to our help page by clicking the 'help' button at the top of any Club Pogo page

    Click the 'E-mail the Experts' icon

    Fill out the form, and at the bottom, click the 'Browse' button

    Find the .jpg file you saved on your computer, click on it, and press the 'Save' button

    Now click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the page

    Source(s): Pogo Help pages.
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