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Do you need a retainer after you get Braces?

I am getting Braces soon and was wondering if afterward if I will need a retainer. Typically, do people get retainers after they get their braces taken off? I already had a retainer before braces for about 6 years.

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    Yes normally, otherwise your teeth will naturally begin to shift out of position again, which happens throughout life, but the retainers purpose is to help your teeth get used to where your braces have put them. I had braces, and I didn't faithfully where my retainer, my teeth have shifted. It's too late to get braces for me again, and I always regret that I didn't wear my retainer, so do yourself a favor and wear that retainer like a bumblebee wears stripes!!!

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    I havn't heard of anyone not getting a retainer after their braces are off. The muscles with the teeth have a good memory and will tend to try to go back to their pre-braces placement without the retainer.

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    Yes. you need it afterwards because your gums still haven't formed around the teeth after the braces moved them. the retainer is just to make sure they stay straight, and usually you only have to wear it for the first week all day and then just at night after that

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    I had a retainer that was mounted behind my front teeth. No one knew it was there and it required very little, if any, attention. See if this is possible in your case.

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    yep...i had one and you get a permanent one on your bottom teeth behind them though. it is a metal one that is glued to your teeth. I still have my bottom one after having my braces off for about 11 years now.

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    yup you do..... to keep your teeth in place so they don't shift.... i have a permanent retainer which is nothing more than wire glued to the back of your teeth.... there is also one you have to take in and out... they are annoying..... then there are invisible and all kinds... ask your orthodontist about the different kinds...

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    You probably will have to, because after you take them off your bones are still free to move, and your teeth tend to have a memory of where they used to be. However, you'll probably only have to wear it at night.

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    Yes because it keeps the newly straightened teeth in place until the mouth can do it on its own....otherwise if you don't use one, the teeth will shift.......

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