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Adult Friend Finder?

My boyfriend set up an account with Adult friend finder but he put that he was in a different state. Of course he said he set this up before we were together and he never paid the membership fee to actually talk to the girls. He used to live in the state that he put he was in. Should I be concerned or just leave it alone?


I found it because I checked his email and he got an email from the site... Its irritating because he says he was just curious about what type of people are on there and he would never just screw someone he met online.

Update 2:

I shut down the account myself, without his knowledge.

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    You should have left it there and checked it often to see when he logs on. It says right on the profile the last time that they logged on. You may never know the truth now.

  • I would be concerned. I think a lot of us have flirted with the site, but if you're actually going to go through the trouble to describe what you're looking for in depth on the site, and you're actually getting a response, the promise of empty fun with a complete stranger is entirely too interesting to walk away from, I think. Of course he never paid the membership fee, may have had cold feet or something, but they'll continue to email him saying that someone wants to get in touch with him, etc. Eventually he would have thrown caution to the wind and paid the membership fee and gotten in contact with him. Though shutting it down was the first step, you'd be well advised to see if there isn't any other sites he's into, like regular old fashioned chat without the registration that you can just get into anonymously looking for trouble.

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    Can you say, he s a liar? He s on the site because he wants to be!!! No man is on there, just because they are curious what type people are on there. I think you can figure that out by the name "Adult Friend Finder". I ve been there, don t let him try to lie his way out. It just gets worse. Get out now!!! You deserve better!!

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    I hate AFF popups! UGH!

    If it really bothers you, then tell your BF that you are not comfortable with this being online and you two being together. Tell him that if he still wants to be on AFF, to give you his password so you can check it out too (checking up on him lol). If he says he doesnt want to take it off and doesnt want you to have his password, then maybe you should rethink if you really want to live with the fact that Your Boyfriend is on a website where he can talk to other women openly with your knowledge. Talk it over with him if you really think that what he is doing is not right.

    Good luck!

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    I would just leave it alone. If he used to live in that state, and no longer does, I'm sure it was from before he met you. I have accounts all over, just things like online journals that are still active from YEARS ago. Make him delete it, and i don't worry.

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    Unless you have any reason to not believe him, then take his word for it. A lot of people set up things like that and just don't delete them completely.

    My question to you is, how did you find out he had a profile on the site? lol

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    yup i would definately have a fit if i were you- tell him to cancel the membership. This place is for people to meet with the purpose to have sex withthem only. Check out the site yourself and you'll see what kind of people go there. He should cancel it or else he;s out!

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    So.... Just how did you happen to know that he was on AFF?

    Mind you I know quite a bit about this particular web site?

    That's what I thought! Can you say CONTROL FREAK

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    If you are exclusive, he needs to delete his account. Of course I would be bothered by the fact that he ever had one. The site is strictly for sex and all kinds of sex....couples with couples, bisexuals, fetishes, you name it! If he was involved in any of that, I would make him get screened for stds. I would also question the morals of any guy who used the site to find casual sex partners.

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    it is still all over his email ..inbox. they will not leave you alone when you join those places. so check his email and see if you can reply to any. if he has not pd. the membership , he can't get thru to them. but if it is the one i am thinking of can send flirts back an fourth to each other.

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