how do I find out if an old stock I have is any good?

I think the company has changed hands and names at least twice..I think I know who has the Co. now but I have not been able to figure out who or how to contact. The bank that it was issued at...could I find out through them if they are still around?

It was issued in 1968.


I have googled..but I can't find a stock symbol for it. The name has been changed so I am asuming the symbol has been too?

Update 2:

I have no statements..this was bought put back with some papers and forgot about till I was going through some boxes of photos.

Update 3:

I have found a phone number for the co. I think bought the Co. will have to try calling them I guess.

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    I would contact a stock brokerage like Smith Barney, one that has been around a while. See if they can find information for you on it. Maybe something like the Banking Commission, FDIC???

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    You should be able to find the stocks ticket symbol on your most recent statement. In order to see if the stock is doing well I would go to yahoo finance and input the stock's symbol. When looking at the 10 year chart, click on the S&P 500, and Nasdaq boxes to compare them to how the overall market faired those years. If you would like to know how the company is doing now, I would suggest comparing the same on a 1 yr. chart to see how valital or up and down the stock is.

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    What is the name of the company. Do a search on the net to find their name, and history, and check the code (3-4 letters) also. You can do it all through Google to find out how much they are worth. Getting them exchanged for money, just need to contact company.

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