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Question for FFIII?

Ok silly question

I'm in the process of trying to fight Odin....

unfortunately I havent been able to get very group ends up dying..

what are the best techniques to defeating him??

also my group is at Level 37 and the jobs are Dark Warrior, Dragoon, Black Mage, and White Mage.....

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    Just remember to make sure your characters are on level 40 or more. you might want to come back to him after leveling up. He's got 31,000 HP.

    While you fight this boss as soon as you get your ship's ability to go underwater, I strongly advise you not to do it until much later in the game, since this enemy may cause you a lot of trouble. While he first seems to be a weak foe, he has a special attack that he uses from time to time, called "Atom Edge", which deals an enourmous amount of damage to every person currently in your party.

    Personally, I advise you to go for the exact same strategy that you used against Garuda, with the 4 party members turning into Dragoons and using the "Jump" command all the time. However, you can also go for the other strategy I gave you back then, with a Black Mage always attacking with his best spells, a White Mage healing your party every turn and your physical strikers (hopefully you'll be using more than one) causing their damage as

    usual, you'll manage to beat this enemy BUT only if you are properly levelled up. I am not tired of stating this, the problem here is not strategy, but your party having enough defense to withstand that powerful special attack that your enemy has.

    After beating this battle you will win the "Odin" summon spell, which you can equip in anyone you want.

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    You gotta bump up your level first!!

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