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Who do i start rex grossman or mcnair, another ravens D or Chargers D ?

also wr help too im playing 2 wr and 2 rb LT and Addai as running backs and a list of Who i should play at the wr spots

anquan boldin

joe horn

darrel jaskson


bernard berrian

T.J Houshmenzadeh

mark clayton( not feeling him)

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    McNair he's facing a bad pass D. Chargers D because they're pretty strong. Merrimans back and they're facing the Bills. For WR choose Berrian and Houshmenzedah

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    First u gotta go with grossman, he is a much much better qb at home and he has bernard berrian back with him. mcnair will have a 1 touchdown peformence but i see the ground attack for baltiomores offense doing the work tonight. As for the WR you go with barrian, he is grosssmans go to guy. and also u go with

    houshmenzaduh, he has scored in every game he played against baltimore, and i see him doing good tonight. and as for the defense u go with sd against the bills, because i dont see baltimore stopping the bengals as much, but i see Sandiego stopping Buffalo

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    Chargers D, they are faceing a crappy Bills team and for Wr's you should go with Horn and Berrian

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