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Does anyone here have Inflamatory Bowl Diesese?

I am fourteen years old and have IBD. My symptoms seem to act up whenever i eat dairy, wheat, and soy. My food choices are very limited and they are making me miserable. Does anyone know of any other treatments? I am also very small for my age, and my IBD makes my growth slow. Does anyone know of any treatments for that? Thanks,

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    to me, it sounds like your lactose intolerant.. but i am not a doctor, my b/f is lactose intolerant.

    Try taking Imodium AD before you eat any of the things that bother your tummy.

    my b/f's sister has IBS and that's all she has to do is take an Imodium , and she is fine.

    and her IBS would act up after she ate ANYTHING! lol

    try some Imodium.

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    Yes my bowl leaks out oatmeal everytime I use it. The treatment is to get another bowl without a crack in it. Please check spelling.

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