are there any colleges that offer a surgery program in Georgia? preferbly near Augusta?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    To become a surgeon, and thus practice surgery, one must first get a four year college degree. Then, you go on to medical school, which is another four year program, followed by several years of residency before you can begin practicing as a surgeon.

    Thus, if you're interested in becomming a surgeon, and don't yet have a college degree, that is your first step. You will want to find a college that has strong science programs, especially in chemistry and biology, although it is not necessary to major in science in order to apply to medical school.

    There are many great colleges in Georgia. A good place to start your college search is: There, you'll find a list of colleges in Georgia, plus information about financial aid, preparing to apply to college, and standardized tests.

    If you'd like to learn more about becomming a doctor and surgeon, these three sites are jam packed with information about the process of preparing for and applying to medical school:

    If you're already enrolled in college, I'd suggest you talk with the pre-med advisor at your college who can give you some specific suggestions regarding which medical school in Georgia might be suitable for you.

    Good luck! Carolyn Lawrence,

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